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What to Consider Before Buying the New iPad and red iPhone?

Whatever product Apple launches, there is always news about it! The same applies to the latest iPad and the Red iPhone that Apple has recently launched. So are these two newbies really worth looking at? If you have any plans of buying the new iPad given the slashed price aspect or the new iPhone given its vibrantly cool looks, here are few things to know about them before you decide whether they are the best for you!

Is the new iPad for you?

The biggest benefit of buying the cheaper iPad is definitely the “cheaper price” aspect. The 9.7inch iPad, would be available at $329 for the 32GB version. With 3 color options to choose from, space gray, silver and gold, it comes with a retina display. The cheaper iPad comes much similar to the iPad Air 2 but with little modifications over and under the hood. It comes as a cheaper alternative to the 9.7 inch iPad Pro which is still posing as a serious competition. So, should you spend $270 extra and buy the iPad Pro or should you settle down with the cheaper newer iPad?

The new iPad is marginally thicker and heavier than the iPad Pro and also comes with a battery which a tad bit larger. But it is lighter than the iPad Air 2. So if you are looking for a long term portable option, this might seem a better choice than its predecessor. The ambient light based True Tone support that comes in the iPad Pro is missing in the new iPad. The iPad also doesn’t include anti-reflective coating as seen on the iPad Pro. So, in terms of the display, iPad Pro still bears an edge.

Talking about the chipset included, the cheaper iPad is an upgrade from its predecessor’s A8 and comes with an A9 chip that also comes in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. But this is slower than the A9X processor found in the iPad Pro and the A10 Fusion found in iPhone 7.

The iPad Pro also gets a better camera both in terms of the resolution and the aperture. Another major turn-off is the fact that the cheaper iPad does not support Apple Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil.

Wrapping, up, in terms of the technical specifications, the new iPad misses a lot of features as against the iPad Pro. But it also comes with a huge price slash. So if you are a casual user, looking for a basic iPad to view videos and play few games, the new iPad would be a great choice available at almost half the price of the iPad Pro. But for impeccable performance, a portable second laptop version, the iPad Pro still remains the better option.

The Red iPhone – is it any different from the other variants except in the color aspect?

The red iPhone 7 Plus comes with the same features coming in the jet black version of iPhone 7 Plus. One among the many CSR activities that were incorporated by Cook, the Red range to support the HIV/AIDS programs is one of the largest. Part of the revenue collected from the products in the Red collection from Apple is contributed to create continuous awareness and eradicate AIDS. In the iPhone segment, this is the first Red product though the smartwatches and other Apple hardware and software products already have their Red products.

The Red iPhone carries the same hardware under the hood in comparison with the other iPhone 7 Plus models. But the one main difference is that it doesn’t come in a 32GB version like the other iPhones. It is only available in the 128GB and 256GB versions much like the jet black iPhone 7.

Coming to the “RED” aspect, the phone comes with seriously slick exteriors. The red, is really RED. With iPhones, only the iPhone 5C came with a pop of color but then one had to compromise with the plastic body. The Red iPhone however carries an Aluminum body like the other iPhone 7 models. And the red is intense and comes with a matte finish. This is a welcome change for those who would like a colorful variant from among the other monotonous colors available in the Aluminum body iPhones. Other than the change in color and of course, the good cause behind the price of the phone, there is nothing different in the new iPhone and with the iPhone 8 on the horizon, the decision can become blurred. So if you would like to steer clear of the usual and go bold, and contribute to a noble cause while also getting a massive storage capacity, the Red iPhone is definitely a great choice.

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