7 iPhone 8 Rumours We’ve Heard About

Whenever Apple announces the release of a new product, there are a lot of expectations and speculations around it. This is particularly the case with every iPhone release. With iPhone sales dropping year after year, Apple now is focusing on adding better features to the next iPhone. While some believe the next in line from Apple is the iPhone 7S, a majority of the rumors say that it is going to be iPhone 8 with some major design modifications. As this year marks the 10th anniversary of iPhone, we expect Tim Cook and Apple to make something big, something innovative to bring back the magic the first ever iPhone had in it.

Here are some of the iPhone 8 rumours that have been popular about the next iPhone.

  1. iPhone to join the OLED league:

There’s nothing to complain about iPhone’s display. But the newer AMOLED displays are much better than the traditional iPhone displays. We don’t yet have an iPhone that comes with OLED display. But the iPhone 8 would break this rule and come with a 5.8inch AMOLED display replacing the IPS display. We earlier heard rumors that it was going to be a curved display. But curved displays are not to come in the 2017 iPhone. There might also be iPhone 8 variants that come with 5.5inch and 4.7inch displays.


  1. iPhone 4S’s design might be replicated:

If you are among those who fell in love with the glass and metal combination in the slick styling of the iPhone 4 and 4S, the good news is that iPhone 8 might again adopt this combination. We can probably expect a bigger and wider version of the iPhone 4S. Leaving behind the Aluminum back design of its recent predecessors, iPhone 8 might come with a glass back and aluminum frame. The higher variants are expected to use stainless steel while the lower ones, aluminum. Elegance of a glass body, sheen of the metal frame and the grandeur of the large OLED display, the styling of the iPhone 8 is expected to be one of the best so far.


  1. Bye-bye home button:

The curved bezels accentuated by the round home button has been the signature of iPhones. The finger print sensor, in the recent models is now beneath the home button itself. iPhone 8 is believed to come without a home button. There might be a virtual button. The finger print sensor might instead come integrated directly beneath the OLED display.


  1. After the headphone jack was removed, it’s now the charging port’s turn to go down:

Apple has been focusing on removing all physical response interfaces on the device. The headphone jack was removed from the design with the release of iPhone 7. The home button is also expected to be removed with the next model. Another thing that would go down from the design would be the charging port. iPhone 8, was earlier rumored to come with a long-distance cable free charging feature. But whether that would be implemented or not, iPhone 8 is expected to come with a wireless charging feature like that in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


  1. Iris or facial recognition:

Fingerprint scanners have been in the trend for some time. Taking the biometric input interface a step further, iPhone 8 is rumored to include facial recognition. RealFace is a facial recognition startup which is in the long list of recent acquisitions by Apple. Is it another indication that iPhone 8 would come with a feature to use facial scanning or iris scan parameters as your password? We would have to wait to get the answers. This might be made possible with 3D laser scanners that might be included with the front facing camera on the phone.


  1. Two variants in terms of storage capacity:

Many users have been unhappy about the non-expandable memory of iPhones. To tackle this, the recent iPhones come with larger storage capacities. A whopping 256GB  storage was included under the hood in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This trend would likely continue in iPhone 8. It is speculated to be released however as just two variants- one with 64GB storage and the other with 256GB. The lowest storage version would be 64GB. This means that the starting price of the iPhone 8 is also likely to be pricey.


  1. The iPhone would cost you a grand!

You heard that right- a grand. That’s the price expected to be quoted for iPhone 8. Replacing the metal body with an all glass and aluminum or stainless steel body, an AMOLED display, facial recognition sensors all lead to the factor that there is a lot of costly elements that are to be added. If Apple is really to venture into including all the new technological innovations, you can indeed expect an iPhone that would cost no less than a 1000$.


With the speculations running wild, we have to wait for official announcements from Apple to really know what the next iPhone would have in store. Meanwhile, for a quick resolution of any issue on your iPhone, we are just a click away.

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