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Everything You Need To Know From The Apple Event 2018

Everything you need to know from the Apple event 2018 - iService blog banner

In the WWDC of 2018 Apple had not spoken anything about the upcoming hardware releases. Regarding the upcoming iPhones we have been hearing a lot of rumors. Since then we have been waiting for Apple to make its announcements and we were indeed glad when Apple finally revealed some interesting updates in the Apple event held on September 12, 2018.

If you have been eager to hear about all that Apple announced at the event, here is a gist of it –

The iPhone X’s successors are here: iPhone XS, XS Max and XR

The much awaited successors of the iPhone X were announced at the event. Much like the rumors pointed, there is going to be a slightly upgraded version of iPhone X, one larger screen variant and one which is more on the affordable side- iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR respectively.

Build and Design details

The XR comes with a liquid Retina display while the other two come with Super Retina Display. The general styling has been maintained similar to that of the iPhone X. And, the notch is here to stay!

  • The iPhone XS comes with a 5.8inch display very similar to the iPhone X.
  • The iPhone XS Max is the largest iPhone ever made with a glam 6.5inch display.
  • The iPhone XR spots a 6.1inch display.

The iPhone XS and XS Max come with front and back glass while the iPhone XR comes with an aluminium and glass exterior.

And to cut down the price tag a bit, the XR only packs a single rear camera while there are dual cameras on the other two iPhones. Besides the difference in the display, the size of the screen and the camera, many other features are kept similar on all 3 iPhones. They all come with the new and upgraded A12 Bionic chip cited to be “the smartest and the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone”. This is also the first 7nm chip in the smartphone world.

If you have been among the crowd that had complained that iPhones do not come with dual SIM slots, here’s some great news- all 3 iPhones sport a dual SIM design.

All 3 phones would be coming with iOS 12 with Screen Time, Siri shortcuts and several interesting features to explore. iPhone XS and XS Max would be available in several countries on the 21st of September and XR on the 26th of October. XS is an iPhone that would be part of the brand’s clean energy initiative and there is the use of recycled plastic and tin in this iPhone.

Watch Series 4

With the trend of displays getting larger on the gadgets the Watch Series 4 also comes with a display that is larger than its predecessors, bigger by over 30%. The Watch face is also made better and fully customisable. This one comes with watchOS 5. The new and improved gyroscope and accelerometer are tuned to monitor falls. The user would receive an alert after detection of a fall and this could be used to call for help. If the user is detected to be immobile for 60 seconds after the detection of the fall, then emergency services would be called.

There is also an ECG app to measure the electrocardiogram readings. This is the first time a smart watch, a personal gadget, has been introduced with ECG reading capabilities. There is an option to read the heart rhythm classification so as to identify early signs of harmful conditions like AFib or Atrial Fibrillation which can be a life threatening condition if it’s not detected on time.

Along with the workout routines that can be detected the Watch Series 4 comes with options for Yoga and Hiking. Walkie-talkie option, the improved battery life and the option to stream podcasts are few among the other new features added. The Breathe app which has been popular is now introduced as a watch face.

Now you know everything Apple announced at their September 12th Event. So, which one are you most excited about? Let us know in comments!

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