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Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone X

A phone that caught the attention of not just the iPhone fanatics but also others around the world has finally rolled in. Is the iPhone X really the beginning of a new chapter for Apple or is this going to be just the most expensive iPhone ever made?

The exorbitant price did not stop people from showing interest and pre-ordering this iPhone way ahead. The “all screen” phone from the pioneer in the smartphone segment, released in the 10th year after the first ever iPhone was launched, this is a phone that holds a special place already. And with generally positive reviews the iPhone X has indeed impressed people all over the world with its cool new additions and improvements. iPhone after iPhone we have seen a lot of interesting additions making the iPhone better and more convenient to use. But in terms of the design we have not seen any drastic transformation in the recent times. To break this monotony this large iPhone has been launched. And it has also made a name for itself by being the first ever iPhone to come with an OLED screen. With a lot of new “firsts” in the iPhone’s history this one does have a lot of great things to talk about.

The First Impression

First things first, the lack of the home button does make the iPhone X very much different in design from the iPhones made so far. And it does look stunning at the first glance. The all glass body also feels great to hold but with the largest screen ever given on an iPhone this feels a bit difficult to use single handed. The edge to edge display comes with a sharp image quality and impressive pixel density. Retina display is always known to be one of the best displays in the smartphone segment and the Super Retina display gets even better. Though it has been just a few days since the predecessors, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were released, there is a striking difference in the looks and the way the phone feels on the hand. The OLED screen difference is seen especially when you use the iPhone in a dark environment, where the nearly bezel-less display makes it appear as if the images are floating in thin air. And the one question that many have asked about the new display- “does the notch spoil it all?”- the answer is a no! The user interface as such has been neatly tweaked so as to accommodate the notch. But there is no denying that there are several apps that are still not customized to suit the notch and this might be a bit of a setback for some users. It might seem a bit distracting but it doesn’t affect the usability in any way. The overall build does feel great but it is not one of the most durable designs, given the glass surface on the front and back. So you might have to consider investing in a good iPhone case to protect your iPhone X.

How Good is Face ID?

Perhaps the most hyped feature of the iPhone X has been the Face ID which allows the users to use their face as the password as the fingerprint scanner has been dropped in this phone. And so far almost all the users who have used Face ID have sung praises for it. Different ambient lighting conditions as well as presence and absence of glasses and other common alterations in the physical appearance do not affect the efficiency or the speed of the face recognition system.



Try These Cool new Gestures

The absence of the Home button on the iPhone X means that you would have to get used to some new gestures to get your usual tasks done like getting back to the Home screen, navigating between apps and more. When you swipe up from the Home bar slightly towards the right the App Switcher comes up. And from here to quit any app in the background, all you have to do is to hold the app and swiping up. Switching between apps on the iPhone X takes simple swipe to the left or right at the bottom of the screen. Earlier the Control Center was easily accessible by swiping upward but now you would have to swipe down from the right corner of the screen to launch Control Center. And given the size of the screen this is a bit clumsy as your thumb doesn’t reach here easily.



What about the Photos?

The Portrait Mode selfie is pretty good and this is something that would surely impress all the selfie lovers. The backgrounds get neatly blurred while the subject gets focused sharply thanks to the TrueDepth camera. The various lighting modes also function pretty well and deliver some print worthy selfies. The other main feature worth mentioning about the camera is the optical image stabilization given in both the cameras at the back which makes it easy to capture blur-free photos even with maximum zoom.



As always, you can’t Live Without a Power Bank

The massive screen, and the cool new features that tempt you to explore your new iPhone would also drain the battery pretty fast. As with the other iPhones, the battery performance is something that we have seen to be a bit bothersome and so you might find it useful to carry a power bank along with your iPhone X. Animojis and video recording are among the other options that prove to be heavy on the battery levels.

Wrapping up

The Animojis, as promised, are fun to mimic your facial expressions to create cute animated emojis. The gestures are pretty easy to use and very responsive too. But these might take some time getting used to especially if you are too much used to the solid feel of the Home button. The iOS 11 runs pretty smoothly on the iPhone X and there is zero lag even when you are using heavy apps and even when you have several apps running in the background. If you are looking for an iPhone upgrade but unwilling to spend too much then the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus offer nearly everything that the iPhone X offers. But if you wish to be a part of a change in the iPhone segment and if you are willing to try something new and join the “all-screen” display crowd, then this is a phone that would not disappoint you the least bit. Till Apple streamlines the purchase methods getting your hand on an iPhone X might be tedious but it is a phone worth all those efforts!

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