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Apple WWDC 2017- What To Expect

Apple WWDC 2017 - What To Expect | iService Blog

As the excitement after the Google I/O is slowly settling down we are again getting geared up for Apple’s WWDC 2017 which is just around the corner. There have been rumors that we might get a sneak peak of the upcoming iPhone 8. Now that the conference dates and the reservations have all fallen in place rumors have begun to settle down.

The structure of the sessions have been laid out more or less similar to the previous years. We are expecting some exciting announcements in all the segments spread over the 5 days from June 5th through the 9th. Here are the most anticipated announcements in this year’s developer conference.

iOS 11 Updates:

Apple recently released the second beta version of iOS 10.3.3. So it is doubtful whether iOS 11 would be rolled out anytime soon. But we would get a preview of the features and improvements that the update would bring. So far, all we know is that the update is going to bring a lot of performance improvements.

  • Have you heard of the new social networking app that Apple is said to be working on? iOS 11 might possibly bring that app to the users. Another good news is that iPad users would love the new update.
  • iOS 10 still remains to be a major update in the recent years. We saw a lot of much anticipated tweaks and changes in the OS. Apple even heard the request from developers and included the feature to include in-app rating feature and app store reply feature. But then while the iPhone users and iOS app developers were happy, the iPad users weren’t very much excited. This was mainly because this update, for some reason, did not really focus enough on the iPad users. But if you are an iPad user, you should definitely wait for iOS 11 as we hear that it would include some feature additions for iPads.
  • iOS 11 is also said to include some intuitive improvements for Siri. Our lovable Siri is about to get better.
  • Clips, Apple’s video editing app might come bundled with the OS update.
  • Given that Apple recently acquired Beddit, there are speculations that iOS 11 might also include sleep monitoring functions.
  • We still do not know if we would get the preview and official launch dates of iPhone 8 in the conference. But what we do know is that this phone would most likely come with iOS 11 preloaded.

There is going to be so much more for the iPhone and iPad users. We even expect Apple to launch or at least throw some light about a new iPad Pro to be released. But that’s not all.

MacOS Updates:

We are expecting a preview of MacOS 10.13 and yes, some clarity on the official name to be released for the OS too. Design modifications, feature improvements and the usual are what we expect as we still do not have any news about noticeable major features to look out for in this update. We also hear that this update would bring better synchronization between Mac and iOS devices.

Apple TV Operating System:

Though it is yet to gain momentum, tvOS is one where Apple has a lot of scope. WWDC 2017 is also likely to discuss possible updates coming up for tvOS. Besides a preview of tvOS 11, we might also get a slice of some Apple exclusive TV shows that are soon to come.

Hardware Announcements Expected:

As we earlier mentioned Apple would perhaps give us a preview of iPad Pro 2. There have been several rumors around the possible features of this iPad but we would have to wait for official confirmation. The other major hardware announcement expected is “Siri Speaker”. Amazon’s Echo would now have to look out for the speculated Siri Speaker to be announced. We do not have a lot of information about the design and the features yet. But as we know that Apple now holds Beats we can expect Siri Speakers to incorporate Beats technology for killer music delivery. Would Siri Speakers too impress us like Siri did? We would have to wait to know the answer!

There are many who state that we might even see a lineup of few more products in the existing line in the MacBook and Apple TV categories. Let’s not forget Apple’s acquisition of Workflow that could get honorable mention. Set your timer and be ready to get all the answers you want, as you can also watch the keynote live.  Meanwhile, for a quick resolution to fix any issue with Apple Products, visit your nearest iService!

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