5 Hacks for Your Apple Watch

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If you own an Apple Watch you must already know that this one is not just another smart watch. The Apple Watch can do so many cool things. It can act as a fitness band, help you track your sleep, notify you when your heart rate is elevated beyond normal levels and do so much more besides its functionality as a smart watch. So it has grown to become an indispensable gadget for the current generation that is always on the go. You get your notifications, view your messages and emails and do all that you frequently do without having to take your iPhone from your pocket.

Apple Watch 3 has also recently received the snowboarding and skiing activity tracking feature on it. You also get to pick from a variety of bands to match your style. If you are planning to buy an Apple Watch for the first time or if you have bought yours recently, here are some handy hacks that you should definitely try:

1. Swiftly Switch to the Silent Mode

Ever found yourself caught up in a meeting where you forgot to mute your Apple Watch? You are not alone. Apple hears your woes. Simply cover the watch face with your palm for a few seconds and the notifications volume is muted at once. Doing this would not disconnect the call, but would simply silent the ring. One other thing you could do is to toggle Mirror iPhone option on, in the Watch app on your iPhone. So the Do Not Disturb mode on both the iPhone and Apple Watch can be controlled in one go.

2. Never Lose Your iPhone Again

How many times a day do you misplace your iPhone and hunt for it? You are in luck if you are wearing your Apple Watch. On Swiping up the Watch face you would be opening the Control Panel. On this screen, you would find the icon that looks like an iPhone vibration icon. On clicking this one you would make your iPhone ring.

3. Manage Your Calls More Efficiently

You must have already known that you can transfer the call you picked up on your Apple Watch to your iPhone by swiping up. The digital crown on the Watch can be used to configure the call volume. For all those occasions where you cannot respond to the call but would not like to ignore them, swipe up before answering the call to find the Send a Message option. This allows you to automatically send a preset message to the caller. And when you are trying to send replies to text messages in your inbox, you can choose from the available Default replies or even add custom replies from the Watch app on your iPhone. You would have to bear with all this as Apple has not included a keyboard on the Watch, yet.

4. Set Your Clock Ahead of Time

Miss those days where you could simply alter the time on your table clock to run a few minutes faster than the original time? The Apple Watch can do something similar. Choose the Time Ahead option on the Time menu in the Settings screen. You can set the clock one minute to 59 minutes ahead of the actual time. The smart aspect of this feature is that this would only alter the time displayed on the Clock face but not affect any of the alarms and reminders. So you would never have to run late for that meeting again!

5. Click Better Pictures

Using the Watch face as the viewfinder for the iPhone and to remote trigger the shutter is a feature that you already must be aware of. You could either click the Shutter button or the Digital crown to click pictures. There is also a 3s timer included so you could get ready for the shot before the shutter is triggered. There are many apps available that allow you to do a lot more with the Apple Watch to enhance your camera experience.

Besides all of the above features you could also find some useful ones like the ability to quickly send your location. Force Touch on the message app would bring up the Send Location option and on clicking this, your current location would be automatically sent to the receiver. Take screenshots by simultaneously clicking both the physical buttons on the Watch. Force Touch on the notification screen to clear all the notifications at once. Customize the App layout of the Watch on the Watch app to avoid mishits. The list is endless.

How many of these features have you already explored? Would you like to add some more to the list of the less spoken about abilities of the Apple Watch?


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