Tips to Have a Good OnePlus 3 Experience

OnePlus today, has become one of the biggest mobile manufacturing giants in the world. When the OnePlus was released back in 2014, the world went crazy because of OnePlus’s unique invite only marketing campaign. After this, their phones have got a big following in the world, especially in the Indian and Chinese market.

After its release, the OnePlus 3 has garnered good reviews from the market. So, we are here to give you tips to have a good OnePlus 3 experience.

  1. Fingerprints

On the OnePlus 3, you can setup your own finger print. This smartphone has one of the fastest finger print sensors on any Android devices. The whole fingerprint can be setup during installation or you can set it up later through the security settings. While it’s understandable that many aren’t too comfortable with others putting hands on their smartphones, setting up a fingerprint lock system could prove useful.


  1. Customized Navigation

Here, you have two options of on-screen buttons and capacitive buttons. You can switch between both these settings through the Buttons option in system settings. With on-screen buttons, you don’t get many choices to toggle with. However with the capacitive buttons, there is a choice to allow double press of a button. The Home button is also the finger print sensor with its functioning of leading to the home screen on a press.


  1. Color Balance

Sporting a 5.5-inch, 1080p AMOLED display, it’s understandable why the OnePlus 3 has got good reviews. Moreover you can chose different colors through the color temperature slider in the display settings.


  1. Night Mode

The Night Mode option is available on the OnePlus 3 upon which activating, will help you look at your phone comfortably during the night hours. This has been so as to protect user’s eye sights from getting affected by the bright lights emitted from the phone.


  1. Manual Camera

Yes, the OnePlus 3 has a manual camera option. With the manual option you get certain settings like the ISO, aperture, exposure which you can play with and end up clicking some brilliant photos through your phone. Give these a try.


  1. Shelf Activation

To the left of the home screen is a quick access shortcut called ‘Shelf’. This shortcut allows the user to quickly access all the recently accessed apps on the phone. This option or this shortcut has to be activated. The widgets will also be available here which will help reduce the traffic on the home screen. You can activate it through the settings by pressing down on the home screen for a long time.


  1. Gesture Options

Through gesture options, you will reduce the work of your fingers when you use the phone. The Gesture options are usually disabled by default as it is not something that everybody prefers to use. However, you can switch this option through the settings. By activating this option you can double tap and turn your phone on. Handy, isn’t it?


  1. Slider Tweaks

On the left side of the handset is a button called the ‘Alert Slider. It is also available on the OnePlus 2. What this does is alerts you based on the priority. Go to your priority settings in the phone settings and activate it. Using this is simple, you push the button all the way down and you’ll be notified of all the messages, keep it in the middle and only priority messages and

calls will be notified and on more level below where the phone will go silent.


Having a good device user experience is always necessary for both the user and the manufacturer of the device. This will allow users to define their needs from a smartphone while informing the manufacturer as well. This allows for better iterations and updates to existing models. So, use these tips to have a better OnePlus 3 user experience so as to get your bang for the buck.

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