Things To Consider When Buying A Second Hand OnePlus

If you are thinking of buying a second hand OnePlus, there are certain factors that you should consider before buying one. Whatever are your reasons to buy a second hand OnePlus, these factors will help you avoid being scammed and get value for your money.


  1. Physical Appearance of the phone

As obvious as this may sound, a visual examination of your OnePlus should go beyond just a scratched screen or loose back cover. The most dreaded issue while buying a second hand OnePlus is the liquid discharge. Open the back cover and check the battery for any signs of discoloration specifically yellow or orange hue.

Also, check the charging and USB ports for any signs of discolorations. While looking for cracks ensure that the device is switched on. Examine the camera lens for scratches.


  1. Ghost Touch

This is one of the most common problem a lot of second hand OnePlus users face. Ensure that the touch on the phone doesn’t give any trouble. Ghost touches are mostly caused because of issues related to hardware or software and may require you to switch off your phone to sort the issue.


  1. Battery Life

The most important factor is the battery life.  It is important to check if the battery is swollen or deformed. Also, it is advised to charge the OnePlus phone for about 5-10 minutes and check for abnormal heating.


  1. Software and slow updates

While buying a second hand OnePlus, look out for suspicious malware app on the phone, and check if third party ROM has been flashed, especially if it is under warranty. Also, make sure there is no app that can’t be uninstalled. This is to ensure that your privacy and warranty if you are buying an OnePlus that is less than one year old.


  1. Check if It is stolen

As silly as this seems, it is a very important factor to keep in mind. In order to identify if the phone is stolen or not, check the IMEI number and other details on the battery. If it is stolen, the seller would have scratched the details. You can still check the IMEI number by dialing *#06#. There are several online IMEI databases you can compare this against. Ask for the IMEI number as the first step before you proceed with the deal.


  1. The Price

Now, it is evident that you are buying a second hand OnePlus because it is cost-effective. Price of a second hand OnePlus can drop steeply. Make sure you Google for the latest price and if the phone is more than a year old, you should be bargaining.


  1. Refurbished OnePlus

If a refurbished phone from reliable source is available for about the same price, it would be safer to buy a device examined by expert technicians and with a return policy or warranty. Refurbished phones are still a new concept in India, but more and more retailers are offering Refurbished, unboxed and used smartphones these days.

You can definitely get a great deal with second hand smartphones if you buy from reliable sources. It generally isn’t a good idea to purchase a second hand smartphone over the Internet because you obviously cannot perform a proper examination. You can always ask the seller to send you high resolution photographs before you make a purchase decision but nothing beats actual physical examination. If you’re torn between the OnePlus X and the OnePlus 2 check out our guide here.

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