Things to Consider When Selling your Old iPhone

The iPhone’s have become somewhat of an annual affair. Every year, enthusiasts can look forward to newer iterations with the promise of something new and fresh to change up the smartphone experience. And while it’s easy to want a new one every year, their quite difficult to get. For all the great things a new iPhone can bring to your experience, it can also burn a pretty deep hole in your pocket.

Apple’s smartphones are quite an expensive matter and can be quite difficult to pick up especially on a yearly basis. It’s for these reasons that they often tie up with network providers allowing you to purchase the smartphone on contract while paying monthly installments. Official iPhone vendors also allow users to trade in their old iPhones for the latest model but this is usually frowned upon as the trade in value provided by Apple is quite low and you tend to pay a considerable amount anyway.

It’s no surprise then that many people consider selling the phone elsewhere since they believe they could certainly make a lot more out of it. But a lot of that depends on a number of factors. Here are a few things to consider when selling your old iPhone:


  1. Fix your iPhone

This one is quite a no brainer. If you have anything on your old iPhone that needs fixing like a broken screen, replacing any missing buttons and so on, get it fixed! Not being able to do this greatly reduces the value of your device and you’d be extremely to get something worthwhile for your efforts. Getting your phone fixed to look as good as new can greatly help you get the best value for your sale.



  1. Clean your iPhone

This seems pretty reasonable to say the least. Nobody wants to buy a shabby product. Be sure to give your iPhone a thorough cleaning. Through eventual use, it’s quite obvious that your iPhone would have met a few rough marks along the way. Whether it’s a few marks on the case to dust particles stuck in your speaker. Be sure to use a soft damp cloth to remove any stains. Also, make sure there aren’t any objects on the cloth that could potentially damage the look.



  1. Excellent Presentation

This step is pretty critical. How well you sell your iPhone quite simply depends on how you present it overall. That means combining the two steps previously mentioned along with well taken photographs showing the same. By this, we mean taking great photographs showing every aspect of your iPhone. Be honest here. If there’s a dent that you couldn’t remove, make sure you mention this as part of the device. Taking good pictures will remove any questions asked from the buyer.



  1. Packaging

This step is just as crucial. Buyers are very choosy when it comes to packaging and shipping. An iPhone is not your regular smartphone and buyers would like to make sure that the device is delivered to them in the same shape that it was before the sale. Chances are, they’d be spending a considerable amount on your iPhone and would therefore, like to get their money’s worth. Make sure to bubble wrap the iPhone within the packaging to avoid any internal damage. Make sure that the packaging is wrapped up well too. Try using the original packaging as it does add value.



  1. Leave No Traces

It’s one thing to keep your iPhone looking as good as new but the software aspect is just as important. Be sure to erase all your data. We’d recommend doing a full factory reset so that it removes all your data including photos, videos, passwords and so on to restore your iPhone to the way it was when you first bought it. This leaves no traces from your end either. Just be sure to back up all your data so that nothing gets left behind. As an added bonus, you could update the device to the latest version of iOS to keep the buyer happy.



These are just a few steps you could consider before selling your iPhone. Remember to keep them in mind as they could be key to you getting the best value for your sale.

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