iPhone 7: Rumors and Facts

With just a few weeks to go until the introduction of the iPhone 7 , there are a lot of questions coming up , most of which concern whether or not the company will change the design of the phone. While most of the news and updates about the new iPhone are rumors, we have detailed what we think should be expected from the new iPhone7.

Here are some of our predictions for Apple’s next iPhone:

Unbreakable edge-to-edge display

The iPhone 7 is rumored to be in for a big resolution jump as Apple apparently likely to move to glass-on-glass screens. The iPhone 7 seems to be switching from a LCD display to OLED display. 3D touch is mostly going to return, though it’s likely to be improved in some way.

Camera and battery

Apple, previously refurbished its camera for the iPhone 6s, replacing its previous 8MP camera with a sparkling new 12MP one and boosting the front camera up to 5MP. It is already known that Apple sticks to its camera components for a long time, there may not be any change in megapixels for iPhone 7. However, it may perform tweaks and additional features to help it start such as a larger, single-lens sensor. The iPhone 7 may get an optical image stabilization, with the camera lens getting bigger.


A longer battery life

One of the greatest failings of the iPhone 6s was the poor battery life. So having a larger battery life in iPhone 7 becomes essential. However, in reality, the battery life may only get a slight boost.


iPhone 7 OS

We all know that iPhone 7 is being groomed to launch alongside iOS 10, and with it comes its tremendous feature upgrade over iOS 9.3. It will introduce a much smarter Siri that can command third party apps, new messaging functionality and a convenient raise to wake way of lighting up the phone. IPhone 7, thus, would be in for a huge performance boost. This is a big leap from just a dual-core processor in the iPhone 6s.


Up the RAM

Apple only recently increased the iPhone 6s up to 2GB, so an increase in the RAM for iPhone 7 is not expected. The iPhone 7, however, may have a strong processor and mostly maybe quad-processing.


New Home Button

Rumors are that Apple has redesigned the home button. It won’t be so much as a sensor that would require one to just place their finger on. It might also be pressure-sensitive.


Smart Connector

Like the iPad Pro 12.9 and iPad Pro 9.7 range, iPhone 7 might have a smart connector. On Apple’s slates, this allows for the connection to a keyboard, which does seem unlikely fit for a phone.


iPhone 7: what we would like to see

It is our belief that phones can always improve and evolve. From wider selection of screens and a resolution boost, to expandable storage and a speaker shift, here’s what Apple should do for the iPhone 7:

  1. A resolution movies and games

It is known that you can now record 4K video on the iPhone 6S and 6S plus. However, one major flaw is that playing them on phone, you lack the actual experience. It would be nice that with the launch of iPhone 7, Apple boosts its resolution.

  1. Wireless charging

An iPhone 7 with wireless charging would be an excellent idea because it remains as one of the most frustrating technologies around. Also, this means that iPhone 7 can be charged in the same way as the Apple watch.

  1. Expandable storage

Storage is one of the most important aspects of any phone. An expansion in the potential Apple phone definitely sounds like a great idea.


In conclusion, the iPhone 7 is a bit more difficult to nail down because of all the extra features rumors. Apple likes to keep its prices relatively stable between generations, though, so it might take the hit and match the iPhone 6S price at launch.

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