iOS 10 – A Breakdown of Apple’s latest OS

The World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) took place last week, where Apple announced the newest upgrade to its smaller Apple devices, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini. Its latest software update, iOS 10, the latest upgrade to Apple’s OS is here. With iOS 10 Apple has launched a lot of new updates, has reduced restrictions, opened up the app store etc.

As Apple’s competitors are getting an edge in the smartphone race, Apple has needed something to up its own game. iOS 10 could be the answer it needs. Here are some of the changes it brings to the table.

  1. Siri:

Siri is now five years old. This time though, a major transition for Siri is that she has been opened up for third party apps. Users can use Siri to run not only Apple apps, but also any third party app. Like, you could tell Siri to send a message through We Chat or book a cab through Uber.



  1. iMessage:

You can choose how you want to watch your message to be displayed. If you want your message to be your own handwriting, you want it to have animations, words to be ‘emojified’ with the apt emoticon and such small options are available. Hidden messages can also be sent to your friends; the message will appear whenever you want it. Lastly, your iPhone now has the ability to automatically transcribe voicemails. Apple has incorporated little quirky items like this to increase the overall user experience.



  1. Maps:

Maps have become more than just a navigation app. You can book a reservation through the OpenTable and then take a taxi back home through Uber, all through Apple Maps. Maps also suggests, as in automatically suggests how-you-can-reach-faster and distances to the usual places you go. On the other hand, through Maps you can find the nearest gas station, ATMs, coffee house etc.



  1. Music:

Apple Music has had its fair share of friends and foes since its launch last year. However the with iOS 10, Apple has revamped the music app. With these revisions, users will be able to read the lyrics along with listening to the music. It also has bought back some categories from the iTunes app. Features like Recently Added and Recently Played have been added. In the browsing category users can go to daily playlists, top charts and radio. It has been found that some of these features in the Music app are similar to those in another music app, Spotify.



  1. Homekit:

HomeKit is the app that will change what your home means to you. Your house will be more technically efficient with all the new additions. With this app you can use Siri and control the lights in your bedroom sitting in your kitchen. Thus, your house from now can be controlled entirely though your iPhone.



These are just the iOS designs made distinct through different categories. There are other features also individually like finding a photos by its contents, multilingual typing at the same time. You don’t even need to press the unlock button or tap the screen; it will automatically ‘Wake Up’ now whenever you pick it up and reply to your messages directly from the notification center, through the 3D touch ability.


Apple is known only to produce immaculate products. These products, commonly expensive in its price, are still sought for by people all over the world because of the reputation of Apple.  Apple thus, in order to cater to its existing audience and to gain new audience has shifted its boundaries; by allowing third party apps and developers into the Apple developing space.

After scrutinizing the new features launched in iOS 10 however, it appears like a fill-in for what was missing in iOS 9. Some of the features in iOS 10 have already surfaced through Apple’s competitor’s OSs. This in the end will affect the business of Apple.

The features in iMessage, the new look of the widgets do make iOS 10 look different, colorful and interactive, but these new additions just are continuation of what is served in iOS 9. Making the user experience more ‘Creative and expressive’ is going to get a good response, but the features that are already in the market through the competitor’s technology will not end well with some of Apple’s audience. Another nifty feature is that certain default apps can be hidden, thus clearing up the internal space.

Apple has to start meeting with the huge expectations that they are producing through their marketing stunts. In order for the audience to continuously be loyal to Apple, it has to change its game plan before time is up and this seems like a step in the right direction.

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