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How To Restore Your Old iPhone into Your New iPhone

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Buying a new iPhone can be exciting. But there is one thing that anyone who buys a new phone dreads about- migrating the data from the old phone to the new one.

Start with creating a backup

Regularly backing up the data in your iPhone would make things simpler. Even otherwise, soon after you make the decision of switching to a new iPhone, backup the data on your old iPhone. Creating a backup can be done in two ways:

  1. iCloud backup:

Backing up the data on the iCloud would make the restore process quicker and more convenient. This is also one of the most straightforward ways to do it without having to connect your device to a computer. All you need is a strong WiFi network. Backup the data by accessing the backup option in Settings>iCloud>Backup Now. If you have turned automatic backup on, then this process would not take much time.

  1. iTunes backup:

If you wish to do it the conventional way, then you could simply plug your old iPhone to your Mac machine or any other computer or laptop and open the latest version of iTunes in it. Soon after you select your device on iTunes you would be able to view the previous backup details, done both on iTunes and on iCloud.

From iTunes you can then select whether you want the backup files to be stored in the iCloud or in the local machine.For the local machine backup, you can choose whether or not to encrypt the backup file. Encryption is mandatory if you are looking to save data from HomeKit and Health apps and other passwords stored in the iPhone.

When a backup is created in any of the above methods the account data, settings info, photos, and other app data would be saved and can be restored to your new iPhone. One reason why people choose iTunes backup is because, with wireless connections interruptions are always likely but this is relatively less when wired data transfer is chosen. One other reason is that the free storage offered on iCloud might not be sufficient if your backup size is large. If you have already purchased extra storage on iCloud this limitation is overcome easily.

Restoring data on your new iPhone

So you have created your backup successfully, your new iPhone would then have to be setup. Using a new iPhone means that you would have to start fresh, right from the settings to the way your phone interface appears, everything is new when you purchase a new iPhone.

This might not be convenient when you have been using your iPhone extensively for your personal and professional tasks. Backing up and restoring media and app data would make your new iPhone feel more familiar. You would also be able to directly pick up from where you left on your old iPhone.

  1. Restoring data from iCloud:

Restoring the data from iCloud is as simple as creating the backup itself. In the setup wizard that starts soon after you start your new iPhone, navigate till the Apps & Data screen. Ensure that you have set up the WiFi connection before you proceed to restore the data. Your iPhone would display 4 options for data restore-

  • Restore from iCloud Backup
  • Restore from iTunes Backup
  • Set up as new iPhone
  • Move Data from Android
  1. Restoring data from iTunes backup:

Have your new iPhone connected to your computer where the backup was created from your old iPhone. The process is then similar to backing up the data. You can start by selecting the device. For restoring data from iCloud or iTunes you should start the setup process fresh.

Any data on your new iPhone, if you have set it up as a new iPhone, would be erased for the backup data to be restored. On the Apps & Data screen, choose Restore from iTunes Backup option. On your computer, scroll through the backup files to choose the latest one and enter the password if you had chosen an encrypted backup. The data restore process would begin.

Once the data is restored from the created backup, you are good to go and your new iPhone would appear very much similar to your old iPhone and the data would also be moved without any trouble.

Having trouble restoring data from your old iPhone? Bring it over to iService and We’ll see it done for you.

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