Getting to Know The Apple Watch





The Apple Watch is a smart watch developed by Apple Inc.  and was launched in April 2015. Right from its launch, the watch isn’t a must-have like an iPhone, but with Apple’s most personal device that has the potential to change the way we interact with each other and with our phones. The Apple watch, you can say, is the newest, most personal computer one can own. The goal of Apple Watch was to free people from their phones.

The watch has three models, each of them beautiful in different ways. The stainless steel Apple Watch comes in a stunning and super shiny chrome or space black finish. The Apple Watch sport has an anodized aluminum case in silver or space gray. The third is the Apple Watch Edition, which is made of 18-karat gold cases in yellow or rose and has sapphire crystal and is exquisitely crafted bands and closures.





  • The Apple Watch runs a version iOS that is simpler than its smartphone counterpart. The Apple Watch pairs with iPhone via Bluetooth Low Energy and built-in Wi-Fi. Apple Watch has a touch-screen interface that lets you tap and swipe your way through the system. It also offers several new means of interaction. A digital crown knob on the right edge acts like a home button. You can press this and return to the main screen or to zoom and scroll through the options in the interface.
  • Apple Watch also helps in keeping a track of health and fitness. Apple Watch pack has a heart rate sensor on its underside and also features a robust set of apps to help you keep track of your health. The app collects data on all your movement throughout the day.
  • The Workout app gives athletes more detailed information and measurement for more precise feedback. You can also set goals for each session and get updates and summary.
  • The Apple Watch will deliver alerts in the form of Actionable Notifications and glances i.e. read only notification that don’t need any other action. This can be reminders or weather update.
  • Apple Watch helps you skip through music on your iPhone or iTunes music library, navigate Apple TV menu, enable Do Not Disturb and Airplane modes on your phone or turn off the light at home.
  • It helps you easily go through airport security. This is possible because of the Passbook on the Apple Watch that can help you quickly pull plane tickets, boarding passes etc.
  • The voice-controlled assistant, Siri, on your wrist helps you easily access through every function that you need. From checking the weather to composing a reply to your friends, Siri is your solution to every problem.

 In conclusion, Apple has carefully considered the way people interact with and use the Apple Watch, developing both a unique operating system (watchOS) and unique input methods for the device.



Apple is usually discreet about what to expect from its products. However, it is likely that the next version of the Apple Watch is under development right now.

Beyond rumors, Apple has already announced a new version of the Apple Watch operating system that will let developers make native apps for the watch. It is also rumored that the battery life and fitness tracking capabilities should be improved with the OS update.



So should you get one? To be frank, the choice really come down to whether this piece of tech is your cup of tea. There’s no doubting the incredible piece of tech that Apple brings to the table with the Apple Watch. It’s capable of so many great things and the boundaries will only expand in the years to come.

If you’re willing to shell out some extra cash for a piece of modern tech, then the Apple Watch may be just the thing you need.

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