Five Reasons Why You Should Use Screen Guard

One of the biggest worries for all smartphone users is the scratching of the phone screen. An easy solution to this problem would be to use a screen guard. Screen guard comes in all different styles, the regular ones are usually made out of thin and flexible plastic sheet and the expensive screen protectors are made out of tempered glass. These are basically very delicate thin sheets that stick on to your smartphone’s display. Several users generally use screen guards to protect the LCD screens of the smartphones, anti-glare and prevention of abrasions.

However, a lot of users generally avoid using screen guards and so we have listed down five reason why you should use screen guard.


  1. To enhance privacy

With the help of a privacy screen guard, the information on a cell phone is visible only to the person who is directly in front of its screen. When the phone is tilted at an angle, the contents of the screen isn’t visible, keeping the data on the smartphone. Privacy screen guards are tailor made for business users who are very conscious about personal privacy.




  1. To decrease glare

Almost all devices use anti-glare because it enhances the phone’s screen and provides increased protection. Anti-glare screen guard help by reducing eye tension, and allow you to see your phone’s screen wherever you are. It also improves screen visibility by cutting reflections and glare from very bright lights.




  1. To prevent the sticking of fingers

One of the most common type of phone screen guards available is the ultra-clear screen guards in the market. They are generally produced to be as unnoticeable as possible so the clarity of the screen remains unaffected. For all those who are not comfortable with sticky fingerprints on their phone, using an ultra-screen guard could be a life saver.




  1. To reduce damage from UV Rays

Anti-reflective screen guard’s protectors essentially bend light by providing a reduction of reflection as light passes through the smartphone’s surface. These unique screen guards, filter out UVB rays and eliminate glare from sunlight that reflect on the phone user’s eyes.

This is called as the light-cancelling technology that improves and optimizes the screens readability. This very similar to the anti-glare screen guard and is made up of a coating that repels water and grease making it easier for the users to take care of their phone’s appearance.


  1. Screen guards are anti-bacterial

A lot of screen guards have a unique coating that prevents bacteria, mold and mildew from growing on your phones. These unwanted growths are responsible for stains, odors and other problems on smartphones and electronic devices. This anti-bacterial coat on the screen guard can kill over 90% of common bacteria by preventing transmission and growth. Such a type of screen guard can be really useful while working in hospitals, schools etc.


What are some of the considerations while buying a screen protector?

All screen guards are not made the same and are of many different types. When purchasing a screen guard for a smartphone, users should buy what they think suits their phone type the best. Ideally, the approach to purchasing a new screen guard should be based on the usage of the smartphone. While some people use their phone just for conducting businesses and require an additional level of privacy. On the other hand, users may require a screen guard just to protect against scratches, dirt and daily grime. Most important factor is the quality of the screen guard because a high quality screen guard can actually help to increase the life of a smartphone.

In conclusion, every smartphone user should consider purchasing a screen guard, whether plastic or tempered glass, to protect the value of their smartphones and prevent damage on their phone screen.

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