5 Budget Friendly Power Banks you Should Consider

Gone are the times when we’ve pondered whether or not power banks are essential to own. Now we have smartphones with larger displays that drain the smartphone battery faster than ever. And LTE data connectivity also uses up a lot of the phone’s battery charge. Carrying a power bank would ensure that your smartphone stays on when you really need it. These are compact, convenient and portable for effortlessly charging the smartphones on the go.

Factors to look for when you purchase a power bank:

  • The capacity – this would determine how many times you can charge your smartphone.
  • Charging technique – one that comes with a standard USB charging port would be convenient as you could simply use a standard USB charging cable and adapter
  • Number of USB ports – this would determine the number of devices that could simultaneously be charged.

Once you consider all the above aspects you would be able to find a power bank that fits your budget. While there’s always the option of trying to save your phone’s battery life, we have a list of the 5 most popular power banks that are great in performance and priced decently as well.

  1. Mi Power Bank 2:

The brand not just makes the coolest smartphones but also this low budget high capacity power bank. This one comes in two options 10000mAh and 20000mAh and the former is a low budget yet powerful model. This portable power bank offers super-fast charging and comes with a sturdy and sleek design that can easily fit in your pocket. It is merely 14.1mm thick. The output drawn could be 5V/2A or 9V/2A or 12V/1.5A and this is automatically tuned by the power bank to ensure the efficient charging of the device connected.

  1. Intex IT-PB 15K:

This is a 15000mAh power bank that comes with a solid cuboidal body. There is a dedicated on/off button on one side. The best aspect about this power bank is the fact that it comes with 3 USB ports. So you could simultaneously charge 3 devices. And the large capacity means that you could also charge those smartphones that come with massive battery configurations. Charging the power bank is also pretty simple thanks to the micro-USB charging port provided.

  1. Honor Powerbank 13000mAh:

With a rigid body that comes with a slick metallic finish, this one is priced pretty low for its capacity. One on side you would find the micro-USB port to charge the power bank and two separate USB ports to connect 2 devices at a time. Carrying the quality of Honor smartphones this one comes with high quality components that result in the long life of this power bank. The highest output supported is 5V/2A. The power bank’s inbuilt input and output over voltage and ESD protection ensure safety of the smartphone, the user and the power bank itself.

  1. Ambrane P-1122 NA:

Ambrane is a name that has slowly and steadily risen to popularity in the power bank sector. This power bank comes with a capacity of 10000mAh which is pretty much sufficient in most cases. This is the lowest priced one on our list with its price falling way below Rs.1000. It comes not just with a cool styling but also some interesting features including a rotating LED torch. With the charging indicators positioned on one side, there is also a dedicated on/off button. There are 3 USB ports provided on the side each one supporting 5V/2.1A.

  1. PNY BE-740:

This is a 10400mAh power bank that comes with a no-fuss solid and rigid build. The curve provided on the body on one side makes it easier to grip as the upper surface can be a little slippery at times. The power bank charges up fast and can also hold its charge for a very long time. There is a blue ring on the top that indicates charging and the battery status of the power bank making it easy to find when your power bank might need a recharge. The efficient power management system of the power bank result in quick charging of the connected devices and also avoids overcharging. This also comes with a decently bright LED torch on the top which is quite a handy addition. This one however comes with a single USB port and so you can connect only one device at a time.

There are several power banks that come with pretty high capacity batteries available at much lower prices. But power banks are often long term investments. The quality of the products that go in the power bank would also play a role in ensuring the safety of the user and the device connected. This makes it all the more essential to pick the best one.

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