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8 Apps To Turn Your iPhone Into A Blogging Machine

Yesteryears people used to have personal diaries, notebooks, newspaper write ups, magazines, and calls on the radio to express their thoughts and views. But with the digital boom, blogging has opened an entirely new world for people to express themselves wherein you can create a content blog, video blogs, audio blogs, and photo blogs.


Apple designs its gadgets and applications to suit its different customers. The iPhone is one such innovation where apps are available for bloggers to play with. People who can’t keep their hands idle and always find exits for their thoughts need to check out these 8 apps to turn your iPhone into a blogging machine. Using these blogging apps iPhone users could turn their phone into the perfect blogging machine.

  1. WordPress:

WordPress has been a giant blogging platform in the blogging sphere. Through the app, bloggers are privy to all features available on their desktop or laptop devices for blogging. From creating, managing to share your blog posts, everything is easy for the iPhone user through this app.



  1. iBlogger:

iBlogger is designed for people who know their SEO. This iPhone app is perfect for those who have itchy fingers and a need to write thoughts every single day. The advantage of this app is that it supports multiple blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Expression Engine and many more blogging apps. The positives of this iPhone app are that it allows users to post photos in the blog in a position desired by the user. Right, left or centered photo after the text is written. Besides, you can also geo tag your location in your blog post through Google maps. Unlike other blogging apps which gives you the longitude and latitude number of your position while blogging. Last, but not the least, it costs $10, an affordable price.



  1. BlogPress:

Another blogging app that supports multiple platforms like WordPress, Blogger, MSN Livespace and other such platforms. Bloggers can almost do everything through the BlogPress app. Uploading files, photos, videos, hyper linking texts, etc are the blogging tools available in this app. Besides the iPhone, it is also available for the iPad devices. It is available for bloggers at $3 only.



  1. Tumblr:

This is not an Apple designed app, but is available for the iPhone user. Tumblr is famous for being a micro blogging platform where bloggers can write and share short stuff.  Automatically, the iPhone users can also post blogs, pictures, put quotes, write jokes etc. Besides these, bloggers also look at other blogs.



  1. Adobe Express:

Adobe Express is the go to photo editing app for any user. It is available for the iPhone users. Bloggers can manipulate, crop, color grade photos and image correct them on the go. This application supports all blogging platforms and thus makes image editing an easy activity.



  1. Picasa Photo Albums:

Images can be groomed into the manner you feel is best with the Picasa application. At $2 both iPhone and iPad users get a win. Thus, a Picasa account for any iPhone blogger would help him/her to up their game in the “blogosphere”.



  1. YouTube Capture:

This is the video editing software available on Apple’s app store. Designed for the Apple users, it allows you to shoot, edit, and color correct your video clips. The YouTube Capture software helps you to convert your blog into a video blog. Through this software iPhone users can video blog on the go from anywhere in the world. You don’t need a desktop or an Apple Mac to create the perfect video.



  1. Adobe Illustrator Draw:

This is the perfect graphic designing tool available for the iPhone users. It has all the drawing tools from the desktop version of the illustrator allowing you to sketch interesting graphics letting you go crazy. This gives the blogger an edge through its graphic designing functions.


Blogging has become easy through these tools. The above mentioned applications are proof that apps are being designed keeping in mind the changing taste of the consumers. Using these apps, any iPhone blogger will thus have a distinguished and an exclusively ‘designed by themselves’ blog-space.

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