10 Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone

Age is an inevitable thing. Nobody can fight it. But same doesn’t necessarily apply for technology. In the technological sense, a machine does not get old because of its use but mostly when something better is released. Apple releases its iPhone every year. From the first iPhone to the going-to-be-released iPhone 7, the craze for having an iPhone gets bigger and bigger.


So, what happens to the old smartphones when you buy a newer one? Does it just rot in your home or do you get rid of it? Here are 10 things you can do with your old smartphone.


  1. Remote Control

You could use it as a remote control. Yes, there’s an app that converts your phone into a remote control. This really comes in handy in the case you’ve broken your old one or lost it.


  1. Alarm Clock, Calculator, Flash Light, To-do-list, Sound Recorder

These features are some of the easy and helpful things available on a smartphone. Earlier we used to have all these as different entities in our homes and lives, and now only one device. So why not make use of them?


  1. Media

Your camera, Music, Gallery, Video recording, Radio and so on, can still be utilized even if you have moved on to a new mobile phone. Maybe your earlier phone has a better camera or better sound system. It’s always nice to have a portable music player handy from time to time.


  1. Multiple Video Cameras

Film makers take note of this. If you’re the kind that enjoys recording videos, keep in mind that your old smartphone also has a video camera, hence you can use it to shoot videos. The more the cameras, more angles can be covered.


  1. GPS

Getting lost in the middle of nowhere is pretty common these days. There are map apps which can work offline too. Install it into your old phone turn off the internet and you can use the GPS wherever you go.


  1. Car entertainment

Yes, you can use it in your car. Load your old phone with music, plug it into the car’s music system and your “carputer” is ready. This way, you won’t need to unplug your phone every time you have a call, it will just continue playing. All you have to really worry about is the volume.


  1. Gaming

Mobile gaming is a big thing today. Everybody plays games for incredible amounts of time on their phones. Your old phone could prove to be quite useful here. If you are a gamer, then this is the best thing to do. Turn your old smartphone into your own personalized gaming machine.


  1. Browser

Browser is also a brilliant option for your old smartphone. You are sitting at home and you are on a call and you have to browse something and help your friend out. Use your old smartphone through the wifi and browse the net. You can also store things that you want to read later on your smartphone and read the E books later.


  1. Emergency Phone

An obvious choice here. Emergencies tend to pop up without any warnings. Having a spare phone around could prove to be useful. Invest in another SIM card and you can use your old smartphone in case your present smartphone is damaged.


  1. Sell It or Donate it

Something most people do anyway. You could do this too. You can give it to family member or even your friends when they require a phone. Or sell it at a lesser price to someone who really is in need of a smartphone. You will be helping somebody with your good deed.


Technology keeps on upgrading itself. It’s the fastest form of evolution today. Just because something is evolving or is gets outdated, doesn’t mean that it loses its purpose. It will always find purpose if it is given its fair due. Technology is a man-made thing, so we might as well give it purpose whenever it goes out of fashion.

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