What Makes the OnePlus X So Special

It wasn’t many years ago when newcomer OnePlus announced itself into the smartphone industry with a bang. The Chinese developer released its self-titled phone in December 2014 to widespread critical acclaim effectively being termed as the “Flagship Killer”. The smartphone catered to the most enthusiastic of smartphone users who wanted a high end smartphone that seemed to truly justify the price tag, which was easy on the pocket.

Last year was no different but OnePlus came out and surprised not only with its next iteration conveniently called ‘OnePlus 2’ but a little brother as well called ‘OnePlus X’. Both were exceptionally cheap and powerful. But the question then loomed, why release a cheap yet great phone and then move in for another cheaper entry model? So we decided to take a look into what the OnePlus X brings to the table and how it sets itself apart from the rest.


1. It Packs Quite A Punch

The OnePlus X runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and an Adreno 330 GPU. This processing power is backed by 3GB of RAM and a 2,525mAh battery to power it all. It also has a rear 13-Megapixel Camera and also sports a front facing 8-Megapixel camera. Let’s not forget that it supports full HD at 1080p around 5 inches at 441ppi. That’s a lot of detail around 5 inches.



These are quite high end by comparison and cannot be taken lightly. OnePlus put in quite an effort here to make sure that the mobile device would cater to smartphone enthusiasts.


2. Incredible Value for Money

We’ve already covered what the OnePlus X is capable of (It’s quite a powerful mobile device). The next surprise is its price tag. Priced competitively at Rs. 16,999, the smartphone offers excellent value for the money you spend by giving you a powerful mobile device that runs the latest version of Android and even looks good doing so.



While many may counter this by saying that there are so many smartphones out there that are cheaper, none will compare to the experience provided by the OnePlus X.


3. The Size is Perfect

We’ve mentioned that the OnePlus X encases a 5 inch display. It is also super slim. Both manage to hit that ‘sweet spot’ so many mobile device users look for. Something slim and a screen that isn’t too big nor too small.



This is perfect as it can fit in your pocket with ease. Besides, where else were you planning on keeping it anyway?


4. That Camera (Uhh..Those Cameras)

The OnePlus X sports two cameras (the primary camera at the back and the secondary at the front) much like any other smartphone these days. What’s surprising here is that the OnePlus X offers you a primary camera the squeezes in 13-Megapixels assisted by a LED flash which is on par with any of the flagship smartphones these days.



The Secondary camera is no small matter either. The OnePlus sports an 8-Megapixel camera on its front panel allowing for some quality shots, even the perfect selfie. Both cameras do a great job of churning out quality pictures with more than accurate colors.


5. A Sleek Design

If you’re the kind that wants a good looking mobile device, then the OnePlus X is right up your alley. The OnePlus X is surrounded by metal like edges encapsulated in a glass covering on both the front and the back. The overall design is flat as compared to previous iterations by the company allowing the mobile device to firmly sit in your hand.



Offering you a great performing smartphone at a mid-level price, the OnePlus X is sleek giving you the blend of a smartphone that speaks both class and premium quality. How can you turn that down?

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