What do we expect from Apple’s March 21st event

There’s major talk going on that Apple’s biggest product are about to get a whole lot smaller. By that we’re referring to the smaller iPhone that’s been touted by the rumor mill for the past few months. Apple is set to host its major event on the 21st March and we can hardly wait.

This will be the first time Apple will be hosting an event twice with regards to a new phone if the rumors prove to be true. But that’s not all that will be at the Apple event. Here’s a few things we expect from Apple’s March 21st event.


The new 4-inch phone

The rumors have been incredibly hot with this one and if they prove to be true, we could be in for quite a treat. The new, smaller phone, unofficially called the “iPhone SE” is set to be the major announcement at the Apple event. Apple made waves in 2014 when it introduced its 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, a move that helped them gain some edge against Samsung’s Galaxy devices and the other jumbo-sized Android phones.


Sporting the size of the iPhone 5s with the guts of the iPhone 6, the new smartphone is Apple’s answer to consumers demand for a more affordable Apple smartphone. This move could be Apple’s hit in light of the many flagship killers floating around these days. The most anticipated feature here is the pricing. Many hope that Apple will be generous with its pricing policy here.


A New iPad

In addition to the smaller phone, rumors have sprung of a new iPad that it plans to reveal at the Apple event. The iPad has seen a bit of a free fall of late. Sales have been varying between different quarters and while Apple recently announced the iPad Pro hulking at 12.9 inches aimed at business minded people, the device hasn’t entirely caught hold yet.


Rumor has it that Apple intends to show off a new iPad that will be the follow up to its latest iPad Air. With sources claiming that the new iPad will be approximately 9.7 inches, the new iPad will sit in between the iPad Pro and the iPad mini. We can also expect some additional features for the new iPad that should get the consumers hyped up for tablets again.


Apple Encryption and Security

The news has been flying around in light of Apple’s legal battle with the FBI regarding the massacre that took place in California in December. Apple has been ordered by the FBI to pull encrypted data from the shooters iPhone. While there are two sides to this debate, both ideologies seem commendable to say the least but we’re not taking sides here.


We Expect CEO, Tim Cook to shed some light on the topic with regards to Apple’s position on the matter but not too much at the Apple event. This is after all a reveal event not a political drama.


Some Love for the Apple Watch

There’s not been much news on the Apple Watch since its release last year. This could be a great platform to reveal something new at the Apple event. The tagline for the event did say “Let us loop you in” which could be a nod to the Apple Watch but we’re just speculating here. Could it be a nod to Apple’s headquarters known as Infinite Loop? Or a nod to introducing new bands and material? We’ll see.


We could see some update to the Watch OS sporting major tweaks and stability improvements. We don’t really know what Apple has in store for the Watch but we love the device nonetheless.


Edit: Apple has unveiled the iPhone SE. Read more on everything you should know about it. If you’re caught between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6S, this could probably help you decide which is for you.

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