Top methods to save your phone from water damage


Did you drop your iPhone in water? Has it just gone for a wash along with your clothes?
Don’t worry! We’ve listed down some of the top methods to increase your chances of saving the phone from water damage.

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Good method
Immediately put it in an airtight container and fill the container with uncooked rice. Leave it in the box for 12-48hrs depending on how long it was exposed to water. Longer the better. This would still leave room for fungus & rust to form.

Better method
Same as above but use Silica gel granules or silica gel packs instead of the rice. Works faster (hours) and more effectively.

Best method
Use the Silica gel method and post that come to iService. We will take the phone apart & clean the parts with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove rust/fungus build up using a brush.

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