Tips to Protect Your Smartphone during the Monsoon

The seasons have changed and rains have taken their turns. The monsoons are here full-fledged. Protecting ourselves from getting wet is a must, as the season change comes with its own set of problems. It’s the same case for our smartphones. Water could cause irreparable damage to your smartphone. Hence, it’s essential to keep it protected the same way we protect ourselves from the monsoons.


Here are few tips to protect your smartphone during the monsoon.

  1. Plastic bags

One of the best things to protect your smartphone when you are traveling. Put your smartphone in a plastic bag whenever you are walking through the rains. Rains might be able to seep in through your clothes and bags, but not a plastic. And make sure the plastic does not have any holes either.


  1. Zip Pouch

Unfashionable? Yes, but does the rain care? No! It just pours down without any hesitation. So it’s better you buy a zip pouch to carry your smartphone around. By doing this, you won’t have the hassle of removing the smartphone in and out unlike a plastic. Most of these pouches come with a clear side allowing you to see the phone’s display.


  1. Water proof covers

Yes, your phone can have this too. While looking for new covers, look for a water proof cover and buy it for your smartphone. It’s helpful while also being fashionable and protective at the same time.


  1. Using wireless headphones

If you want to talk on your phone or listen to music, use wireless Bluetooth earphones and headphones. This will allow you to keep your phone inside your bag and protect your phone from the rains. iPhone users could use the air pods in this case.


  1. Check before charging

If your phone is wet, don’t charge them immediately. Clear the moisture off your device or keep it in uncooked rice. This will absorb all the water and prevent your phone from getting fried.


  1. Moist free place

Keep it in moist free places in your house, office or any other place that you visit. With the monsoons, it’s unpredictable when it will rain. Hence, keeping your smartphone moist free is very important for its safety.


  1. Keep a spare handy

Having a spare smartphone is a last resort. Life is as unpredictable as the rains. You don’t want to take the risk of your phone falling in puddles during the monsoon or water seeping into the phone accidentally. As a precautionary measure, carry an extra phone with you during the monsoon.



Today, a majority of smartphones come into the market being touted as water proof, but it’s not possible to buy a new smartphone whenever your phone is damaged. That is why it is better to take precautions than to regret it later. We hope you enjoy a safe and sound monsoon and hope along with you, your smartphone also remains in shape.

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