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Tips to Save your iPhone Battery Life

Owning an iPhone is almost every gadget lover’s dream. High performance, great battery life and excellent user interface generally makes Apple smartphones very popular. However, over time, one of the most common and frustrating problems most users face is battery life. Especially while travelling, battery life lasting longer becomes a necessity. There are plenty of ways to conserve iPhone battery life, most of which involves turning off features and services. Here are few tips to extend your iPhone’s battery life last longer than expected.


  1. Turn on auto brightness

IPhone has ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the light around it to make it easier to see and save battery life. Turn Auto-Brightness on and you can save energy because your screen will use less power in dark places.


  1. Turn on low power mode

In iOS 10, Low power mode reduces overall power requirements and makes your battery lasts longer. It isn’t a default option that happens automatically in the background. It generally pops automatically when the phone reaches 20% remaining power. The mode will be switched off again once the phone reaches 80%, automatically. When the low power mode is on it reduces power consumption and help you save your iPhone battery life.


  1. Reduce Screen brightness

It is very obvious that the brighter the screen the more iPhone battery life is consumed and keeping the iPhone screen dimmer can help you save the battery life. You can control the default brightness of your iPhone screen with the slider on your iPhone.


  1. Ensure that personal hotspot is off

If you share your wireless connection with other devices through hotspot it is tremendously useful. However, hotspots does eat up a lot of the iPhone’s battery life and it does so very quickly. So, we suggest that once the use of personal hotspot is completed, immediately switching it off will help you save the battery life of your iPhone.


  1. Switch off location services

Built in-GPS is one of the most useful services on our iPhones, however, any service that sends data over network requires battery power to work. Often a lot of us just leave the location services on our phone which causes our battery life to reduce quickly. If you’re not using the location services turn them off and save the battery life on your iPhone.


  1. Disable Dynamic Backgrounds

One of the coolest features on iPhone is the animated wallpapers that move underneath the app icons. These dynamic features are pretty fascinating but they also consume more battery life than a simple static background image. So, while these are really fancy and nice, if you are trying to improve battery life we suggest you do not use dynamic wallpapers.


  1. Switch Off Bluetooth

Transmitting data wirelessly takes battery and leaving Bluetooth on to accept incoming data reduces your iPhone’s battery life even more. Turn off the Bluetooth except when you’re using it to transfer important data.


  1. Prevent Background App Refresh

The app refresh feature on your iPhone looks at the apps you use most often and automatically updates them for you, so that the next time you use the app the latest information is available.

This feature might be useful but they do drain a lot of battery life. Our suggestion is either disable the feature entirely or just for the specific app that you want to use with it.


While these are some of the things that one can do to ensure that the battery life of the iPhone is extended, there is one very common mistake most iPhone users do which is quitting apps to save battery. Most users assume that quitting apps rather than letting them run in the background can help save iPhone’s battery life. However, frequently quitting apps can reduce the battery life of your phone. So, if you are seriously trying to save your iPhone’s battery life, we suggest you should not follow this wrong tip.

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