Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

Buying a new iPhone always comes with an instruction manual in the kit. People generally don’t go through it or don’t read it extensively enough. And this makes the user ignorant about a lot of the shortcuts or things that can ease their phone use.

Technology is both compact and complicated at the same time. And if you don’t read instructions about the compact devices you buy, chances are that you’ll complicate things yourself unnecessarily. There are quite a few easy steps and shortcuts that people can use.


Such complicated technology is what Apple produces in its labs. The iPhone is one such device. And with compact technology, comes complications. We have put down certain easy steps that can simplify your iPhone user experience. Here are some things you didn’t know your iPhone could do.

  1. Charge faster with flight mode:

Our fingers go through a lot of apps on a daily basis causing the Battery to get drained easily. Well, have no fear. You can charge your iPhone faster by putting it on the flight mode. Just scroll down your phone and tap on the little plane icon. Your phone will charge faster now.


  1. Shake it and erase your errors:

Mistakes happen at every step. While editing an image, texting or even creating an email. Whenever you do something wrong, just shake your phone and the undo options will appear. Erasing your mistakes on the iPhone just became easier.


  1. Double tap and start the next sentence:

By double tapping the space bar on the iPhone keypad you can add a full stop to the earlier sentence and start a new one. Typing becomes a little less time consuming on the iPhone after tapping the space bar.


  1. Is it a plane?

Planes keep on flying above our heads in the skies. After looking at them we tend to wonder where it’s going to. By asking your iPhone, ‘What flights are overhead?’ whenever a plane is flying you can find the information about the plane.


  1. Power button +Home Button=Screenshot

You don’t need to scroll down the screen on your iPhone and then tap on the screenshot icon to take a screenshot. Just press the home button in the lower end of your iPhone and your iPhone’s power button at the same time. A screenshot will be taken after this.


  1. Do you pronounce, Siri?

Now Siri can pronounce the way you want a word to be pronounced. If Siri is not saying a word properly, you can just tell it, ‘That is not how you pronounce______’. Alternative pronunciations can be heard and you can select from a list of options, the right pronunciation.


  1. Measure your phone’s vibration

You can control the level of your iPhone’s vibration now with the ‘Create New Vibration’ option. Go to your iPhone’s settings, select sounds, then ringtones, then vibrations and click on the ‘Create New Vibration’ option. Your iPhone will then vibrate just the way you want it to.


  1. Slide the text to know the time

Whenever a text is received by your iPhone the date is displayed. The time however is not. By sliding your finger from the right side of the screen, the time can be seen on the iPhone.



  1. Easy web suffixes:

You don’t need to type .com, .org or any other suffixes any more. You just have to gold the ‘.’ Button your iPhone touchscreen. This will play a list of suffixes for you to choose from.


  1. Your phone has a voice:

Go to your iPhone settings, select general and then accessibility. Tap on the ‘Speak Selection’. This will give you a range of accents to choose from. Whenever you write a text, just select the text, tap on it and hold it for some time. An option called speak will appear which will read to you your text.


Did you know that you could do these many things with your iPhone? Probably not. But now, with these new options your iPhone use will be more fun and engaging.

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