Things to Avoid when Cleaning your Phone

We take utmost care in keeping our phone secure right from donning a mobile case to installing the right apps for security. But one thing we often ignore is to check how clean the phone really is. If the ports are not maintained clean, it might result in connectivity issues and might eventually damage the ports and the internal components as well. But if the phone display is not clean it would do more harm to the user. We have come across several studies that show how a mobile screen is laden with pathogens. The tricky part is to clean the smartphone and at the same time ensure that the phone is not damaged.

Avoid Blowing Air Under Pressure

Applying mild compressed air might be the most commonly used method when cleaning your phone. Air would help clean fine dust from the ports, screen and the crevices on the exteriors as well. Fine dust when not removed from the screen before using a cleaning cloth, might result in scratches. But at the same time, one should avoid blowing under pressure. Especially if too much pressure is applied on the microphone or speaker areas, the vibrating membrane might easily be damaged. Gently blowing at an angle would be a better choice.

Avoid using Harsh Chemical Cleaning Agents

These might appear to be the easiest way of cleaning your phone quickly and effectively. But picking any random cleaning agent in the market might be a risky bet. Most smartphone screens come with oleophobic coating. This is done to avoid fingerprint smudges on the screen. The coating can easily be ripped off the screen when rubbing alcohol or cleaning chemicals are used. Moistening the cleaning cloth with water or distilled water would be the safest option. Alcohol based cleaners and other chemical cleaners should be avoided. It is not just the screen that might be damaged from the chemicals but also the metal parts in the phone. The metal rim, aluminum for example might be corroded by the use of some chemicals. Plastic can withstand most chemicals but you then there is the risk of the color on the back case fading. Also avoid using cleaning sprays. Even when you use water to clean the phone, do not use a spray bottle to apply water. No matter how careful you are, some droplets might reach the ports and the open spots on the phone. So, while using water, use is sparingly. Dampen the cleaning cloth just enough and then use it on the screen, away from the ports.

Avoid Rough Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber cloth is the best when it comes to cleaning your phone surface. Paper towels are great to clean glass. But they can sometimes lead to tiny scratches that are sometimes not visible. You could use a lens cleaning microfiber cloth which is smooth and lint free. This would effectively lift the dust and grime away from your smartphone screen while also avoiding the risk of scratches on the surface. In the rare cases where you encounter spills and stains on your smartphone screen do not use an abrasive fabric to wipe this. This can make the situation worse and can reduce the durability of the phone or in the worst case, can damage the screen so bad that the readability is hampered.

Avoid Keeping the back Case Open while you Clean

Cleaning the exterior of the phone yourself would be great. But to clean the inner parts it would be good to approach a professional. When you keep the back case open while using a damp cleaning cloth, the moisture might ruin the internal circuit.

Few quick thoughts:

  • Focus more on keeping the phone clean rather than looking for fixes later. Check if the manufacturer has cited any specific cleaning instructions to make things simpler.
  • Phones without the protective coating on the screen can be cleaned with diluted with swabs of diluted alcohol.
  • Avoid using the phone in the kitchen or near the dining area to avoid spills, smudges and oily residues. Ensure that your hands are clean when you use your phone. Keep a microfiber lens cleaning cloth handy and remember to periodically clean the screen to keep it good as new.
  • Use a screen protector to prevent find dust deposition on the screen. A mobile case can help protect the back case. Dust plugs for the ports can prevent connectivity troubles due to dust accumulation.

In spite of keeping your phone secure if you are facing any troubles, get in touch with us to get your phone back as good as new.

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