Should You Upgrade To Apple Watch 2?

The Apple Watch 2 has been officially unveiled. It would be nice to recollect that the first generation Apple Watch didn’t set the world ablaze. Should you upgrade to Apple Watch 2? Based on what we’ve seen, here are some of the essential things you need to know about the Apple Watch 2, before you consider upgrading.



Just like the original Apple Watch , the latest watch also has 38mm and 42mm case sizes .The original Apple Watch was splash-proof, the Apple watch 2 offers enhanced water-resistance features and can be sub merged up to 50 meters, making it suitable for a range of water related activities.


With respect to the case, you can pick up silver, rose gold and space grey finishes. There is also stainless steel options and the latest ceramic model. Apple is also teaming up with Nike for a special Apple Watch Nike+ edition that comes in four colors and includes custom watch faces and a perforated strap that’s reminiscent of the one Nike used on its Nike+ SportWatch.



Some changes have been made in the display department where Apple has opted for a touchscreen that is two times bigger than its predecessor. The screen offers 1,000 nits of brightness. This the brightest screen that Apple has created for any of its devices. It is however sticking to its sapphire crystal glass material for the new ceramic edition.



Under the hood, there’s a new second generation dual-core S2 chip processor that’s 50% faster than the one inside the Apple Watch, while a new GPU offers twice the graphics performance. Apple is also packing the new S2 processor into the Apple Watch Series 1, so you can benefit from the speedier performance there as well.



The biggest new feature is the addition of a GPS which promises to make the Apple Watch Series 2 an enticing prospect for fitness fanatics as it makes working out with the device a much simpler affair. Thanks to the upgrade, you no longer need to tether a smartphone to the watch in order to log and track workout data – so no more running with an iPhone jiggling away in your pocket or strapped to your arm.



At WWDC 2016 Apple previewed watchOS 3 and the Apple Watch 2 is the first device set to come running it out of the box. Some of the new features that come along with this are instant app launching, a new dock, faster switching between watch faces, enhanced messaging features, activity sharing, and the Breathe mindfulness app. The Apple Watch Series 2 is Pokémon Go ready and will integrate Pokétraining into the watch’s existing activity tracking feature set.


There is no doubt that the Apple Watch has changed what people expect from watches now. Apple now claims that it is currently the second largest watchmaking company in the world, Rolex being the first. Rather than being completely overhauled, the latest watch, sports a design that’s identical to its predecessor, however, with its tweaks. There are useful new features that make it less of a luxury and more a practical, utilitarian piece of technology and it’s a more powerful smart watch overall. Upgrading really comes down to whether you have the extra money. Then again, Apple has upgraded its older line of Watches with better tech. The choice really does come down to the novelty of owning the latest piece of equipment.

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