Rumour Mill: iPhone SE 2 to be Announced This Year

Apple is likely to announce iPhone SE 2 this year (2018).

iPhones have been becoming bigger and better in the recent years. These have also been accompanied by heftier price tags as well. That was when iPhone SE came as a relief for the users who wanted a slightly affordable version of the best iPhones in the market. The good news now is that there is a second version of the popular iPhone SE to be announced soon this year.

With just a few days left for the WWDC 2018 we expect Apple to make some interesting announcements this year, one among them being the details about the release of iPhone SE 2 (or whatever Apple might name it).

Given that this is one of the smartphones that most users are looking forward to this year there have been several rumors and speculations about the release date, features and more. One of the strongest rumors is that Apple would be releasing 3 new iPhones this year.

When can we expect the release?

One thing we know as of now is that there are some strong leads that indicate that iPhone SE 2 might not be released worldwide. Some countries might miss out on this budget variant. The release date however might mostly be along with the other 2 iPhones lined up. Apple has be silent with respect to any information about this SE variant so far.

The all-screen league

With mixed reviews the all-screen display became a silent hit on the iPhone X. The iPhones coming up this year are likely to follow this trend in terms of the design. If you have developed a liking for the large display without the Home button as seen on the iPhone X and if the large price tag of the iPhone X had stopped you from buying one then the iPhone SE 2 might perhaps come as the perfect alternative. Without a Home button the design might thus blend a touch of iPhone SE and iPhone X. In terms of the size there has been no concrete information. All that we know is that Apple is expected to release larger iPhones this year. So which one is going to be the iPhone X successor and which one is going to be the iPhone SE second version is still unclear.

Renderers around the world have given us a sneak peek into the plausible designs and features to be seen on the iPhone SE variants.

Features that might be included

The Face ID has been a huge hit, though we cannot deny that there have been some who still yearn for the Fingerprint authentication to be restored. So the iPhone SE might be coming with Face ID integrated and thus the notorious notch as with iPhone X might also be seen. If the iPhone SE comes with bezels that are barely there and with an OLED display then this phone would surely delight the customers as the display would end up to be even better than that on the latest iPhones, nearly on par with that on the iPhone X.

In terms of the other features, in general the iPhone SE successor is more likely to come with upgraded features, and a better processor as well, the A11 chip mostly. But there are some changes that might be included. Given the increasing trend of AirPods and the popularity of the USB C port the iPhone SE 2 might probably ditch the earphone jack. The 3D Touch is a feature that is less likely to be included on this affordable iPhone and some of the other sophistications of the top models including the wireless charging capabilities might also be left out. Given the price tag, sacrificing a few features is justified.

As we know, the lowest budget iPhones, the iPhone SE and the soon to be released iPhone SE 2 are still pricier than most other smartphones and lack several features as found on the mid-range smartphones. But in terms of the consistency in performance and the sleek styling, Apple never fails to impress its audience. The iPhone SE was thus a hit not as the best rated smartphone in terms of the value for money or the features but in terms of the customer satisfaction. iPhone SE 2 might perhaps follow this trend.

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