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Our Favourite iOS Apps of September 2015


With the launch of iOS 9, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s+ (on don’t forget the iPad Pro!) September definitely has been an exciting month for us. It was equally exciting when it came to Apps! Here is our list of the Apps that became our favourites in September 2015:


1.Google Keep

If you’re an avid user of Google’ Services like Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, Plus, Drive, etc. you most definitely should have already installed the respective app on your iOS Device. Google has finally decided to release an app for its really simple, streamlined yet effective Note Taking Service, Google Keep (

Till now if you had to access it via your iOS Device you had to use the browser, but with this app, you can now directly capture, edit and share you notes anytime and anywhere easily. Keep lets you colour code your notes and also add notes, lists or photos. While there are alternatives like Wunderlist, Google Keep is really simple for someone looking for a simple to use app which can be accessed easily from virtually any device.

Devices: iPhone & iPad

Download Google Keep


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2.Microsoft OneNote

If you’d rather prefer an alternative to Google Keep, Microsoft has you covered. Microsoft OneNote is a great app that lets you manage multiple type of Notes along with the ability to quickly take photos and edit them. Microsoft calls it “Your Digital Notebook” and this is very apparent with its strong suite of features.

P.S.: It also has an Apple Watch app!

Devices: iPhone & iPad and Apple Watch

Download Microsoft OneNote

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If you’re a big fan of look of Instagram photos but not Instagram itself, then Base is the app for you! It feature 14 different filters for all your photos and is very easy to use. It has a feature called “Live Filters” wherein your photos age with time. For a nominal price, Base is a must have for all Social Media Photo enthusiasts.

Devices: iPhone & iPad

Download Base

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A must have app for everyone at all times. Splitwise is a genius app that makes managing money amongst groups a really simple task. It allows you to quickly share bills and manage how much money you owe or are owed. What makes this a sweet deal is that it is all real time and everyone logged into their app can see this live and track their expenses at given time. Its an ideal app for a weekend trip with your friends or a business/client meeting. If you’re room mates who keep fighting over the bills, then this app should be on your Homescreen!

Devices: iPhone & iPad

Download Splitwise

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Great app to have if you have children around the house. WonderBox is an engaging educational app that has a huge library of topics like Science, Design, Geography, Sport and many more. It is aimed to be used together with Family/Friends for learning with interactive drawings, stickers and a lot more content.

The best part? Its completely free!

Devices: iPhone & iPad

Download WonderBox.

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Have you discovered a great app in September that isn’t featured here? Why don’t you leave it in the comments and we’ll try and include it in our list of Favourite iOS Apps of October 2015 next month!

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