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Our favorite iOS Apps for the month of January 2016

Finding a good app today is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Apps are available in abundance but finding the right app that could prove to be useful is a dime in a dozen. Developers today roll out their apps like hotcakes but not all of them make the cut on most of our devices.

With this in mind, here are our picks for our favorite iOS apps available for the month of January.

  1. Quadro

Are you in need of a universal digital controller? Then quadro is just the app for you. Imagine having a smart remote that controlled all your computing tasks down to the mat. This app does it all for you by bringing a new paradigm into desktop interaction.


The app allows you to create touchable shortcuts allowing you to accomplish and task, launch any application along with their actions, perform online communications all with a single tap. The purpose of the app is to streamline your computing tasks and stay more productive. The app is available for both iPhones & iPads and is compatible with OSX and Windows being able to control every native and web function. Get it here


  1. Netflix

Ahhh television. The one medium that’s constantly seen an evolution over the decade. Netflix is an entertainment network bringing to you all the latest movies and TV shows from the west to your big screen or in this case, you smaller one.


The app brings to you all your entertainment needs under the sun and provides you with access to a wide array of movies, TV series and the much touted about Netfix originals. With the prospect of no adverts or any hidden fees, the app makes a strong case for being a must have for any Apple user. And even better, the first month for the app is free. Get it here


  1. Microsoft Selfie

Most of you are probably thinking to yourself, “oh another smart cam app”. Well, it is. But it isn’t your regular camera app. Selfie is an app developed internally by Microsoft and brings a new dimension to the selfie culture.



Sporting an intuitive interface, the app receives information from your picture such as age, gender, skin tone. It then proceeds to improve upon that using its own intelligent algorithm. Not too bad for a selfie app. Get it here


  1. Movesum

Another month, another fitness app comes around. What differentiates this one from the rest is that it counts steps. By that we mean that this app tells you how many steps you need to take in order to burn what you eat.



For instance, a beer is equal to 163 calories which based on the step counter of the app, is 3,275 steps. It is designed exceptionally with a simple and effective way to set your goals, connect your activity with what you eat and more importantly, stay motivated. Get it here


  1. GifsArt

In a nutshell, the app has everything you’ll ever need to create any kind of GIF you want, and it’s a pretty awesome app. The app makes it easy to create GIFs from scratch allowing you to capture images and videos with the in-app camera. It also allows you to combine images, videos, and GIFs into one.



The app also does a great job of giving you full customization over your work allowing you to add animations, effects, stickers and so on. The beauty here is that the app gives you the opportunity to share your creations through a wide array of social networking options without ever having to leave the app. Get it here

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