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OnePlus 2 Fingerprint Issue – What you can do


The OnePlus 2 was released recently to much critical acclaim. The successor to the dubbed “Flagship Killer” from previous years took the world by storm, especially the Indian market sporting top of the line features seen in market leaders such as Apple, Samsung and Sony by providing a high-end smartphone experience at very affordable rates.

But much like any top end smartphone, every initial release is usually faced with minor and sometimes major bugs and issues that prevent it from usually being the flawless product it’s usually advertised as. While its predecessor faced grounding issues that resulted in problems with the touchscreen, a similar problem arose in the OnePlus 2 that has caused the capacitive home button of the to become unresponsive in certain situations.

This has brought about the topic that has been dubbed “the fingerprint issue” which has plagued more than a handful of OnePlus 2 users over the past few months. Feedback from users have claimed that the problem seems to occur when the device is held along the metal frame with one hand and using the other to unlock the device. This is very a peculiar problem. Many have drawn it down to the fact that since the fingerprint scanner is embedded in the home button, hence there’s an unresponsiveness.

Nevertheless, here’s what you can do to fix your OnePlus 2 fingerprint issue potentially:

  1. Wait for an Official Software Update

This could actually prove to be a permanent fix for users facing the fingerprint issue. Most companies today provide OTA updates to provide functionality support for their devices and the OnePlus 2 is no exception here. It may take a while but there’s no doubt that the folks at OnePlus are aware of the issue too. It’s only a matter of time before something official is made.



  1. Try a Case

This may seem a little farfetched but could prove useful in fixing the fingerprint issue on the OnePlus believe it or not. Some user reports have confirmed that using top quality phone casing can actually temporarily fix the issue with the home button. It’s worth a shot.



  1. Turn Off Gestures

These issues can sometimes be more software related as opposed to a malfunction in the hardware. The OnePlus 2, like many flagship smartphones out there come fully packaged with built-in gestures that improve overall accessibility. While this only seems like a temporary fix, it’s said that turning off these gesture features seem to alleviate the fingerprint issue.



  1. Switch to on-Screen Buttons

Another very resourceful method if you’re looking for a quick fix for the fingerprint issue on your OnePlus 2 device. Instead of worrying too much about the capacitive home button, you could in fact stop using it as the fingerprint sensor altogether and even switch the feature to the navigation buttons on-screen instead. Quite nifty. Just Go to Settings > Buttons and toggle Enable on screen navigation bar to on if you want to try it.




These are just a bunch of small DIYs you could consider before fearing the worst. If all else fails, it could possibly be an actual issue with your home button. In such a case, there’s always the possibility of taking the device to the nearest service center.

If you still have your warranty intact within the period, it would be best to take the device the closest authorized center. You can contact them at 08060505591.

If however, you find yourself without warranty for your device and are in need of getting your OnePlus 2 fixed, head over to iService.

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