MiUi 8 – Understanding Xiaomi’s New UI

Technology is not limited to just one machine today. It is much more than just that and is constantly evolving. Newer, upgraded versions of every hardware or software are released from time to time.

The MiUi 8 is proof of the fact technology has moved on from the concept of, ‘inventing something’ to ‘evolving something’. Launched on May 10, MiUi has come out with newer features. Here we give you a complete breakdown of the MiUi 8 upgrade.

The display has been given good additions. More colors have been added to the grid. You can access multiple apps at one time. Multiple windows now open up on your screen which allow you to perform multiple tasks all at once.

The new UI has designed improvements to battery life. The new power saving mode stops background apps from functioning and lets the phone run for a longer period of time. In addition to this, the users have also been given the right to choose which apps will get more battery power. As in you will be able to decide which app can be seen on the display, load on start, and thus increase battery life overall.

There are other features that have come with the new UI like an improved calculator, a convertor, and a product and barcode scanner. Through this scanner you will be able to search and buy products from the store through your phone. One of the best things among the new features is a mathematics app. Your phone can now solve math equations. All you have to do is scan the math problem, and the mobile will display the respective solution in a step by step format.

Xiaomi has always spoken about its superior cameras and MIUI 8 just enhances the experience with the new additions to the gallery. You can edit your photos with newer options, stickers and doodles. The video editing option has also been improved. The update brings different filters, controls and options to increase the end user experience.

New changes also see improvements in the Note app and ‘SMS security’. From now on, you can have a different password or your finger print scan for each note. MiUi 8 will also filter messages before it reaches your inbox and warn you beforehand whether it’s spam or not.

In conclusion, it’s evident that much research has gone into evolving every ounce of technology even to every detail so as to increase the user experience. “The end user, the customer has to be satisfied with everything”, as the saying goes with any developer. Xiaomi has evolved along every step. Not only by innovating new things, but also keeping its productions in check with the competition.

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