Things to look out for before you buy a second hand iPhone

If you’re on the look-out for an iPhone but have budget constraints, there are plenty of second hand iPhones available on the market. But you need be absolutely certain that you’re making the right choice when you go for a second hand iPhone. How can you do that? The main criteria is simple: an iPhone in good condition that has reliable cell network reception, a battery that can go a day of use without recharge, and no scratches that mar the visibility of the screen. Now here are some of the steps to carry out before buying it:

  1. The first thing you want to check is whether it has been locked to another user before you hand over any cash. Apple’s Activation Lock Status Check Tool will help you do this easily. All you have to do is visit the page, enter the device’s serial number or IMEI, and it will tell you if it is locked or not.

imeie Not sure how to find your iPhone’s IMEI number? On your iDevice, just click on Settings > General > About to see your device’s serial number, IMEI and other information.

  1. Check the IMEI number on the back-panel of the iPhone and match it with the IMEI number you see in the Settings. Make sure both of them are the same. This will ensure that the body (at least the back-panel) of the phone has not been changed.
  2. Make sure ‘Find my iPhone is ‘Off’ so that you can restore the iPhone later without any hassle.
  3. Check the Camera of the iPhone for any blurry lines on the edges of the screen. Take a picture and make sure the clarity of the image is fine.
  4. If you’re looking for an iPhone that is under warranty, enter the serial number at Apple’s site to find the current support and service status of the device.
  5. Check the connection: Make a call and send a text to make sure there is no drop in the connection.
  6. Plug it into a charger to make sure your iPhone charges without any issues.
  7. Check the battery: Under settings > General > Usage, check the time since its last full charge and then check its current battery percentage. This will give you an idea about the battery life.  In case you have a return option, charge the phone to full and then use it normally for a day or two to see if you are getting the battery life you expected.
  8. Check Wi-Fi connectivity: Make sure your iPhone connects to the Wi-Fi and that you are able to surf the web smoothly.
  9. Examine the exterior and connections: Look for scratches or chips in the glass. Listen to music through the headphone jack. Check if the dock connector shows noticeable wear.
  10.  Check the display of the iPhone by visiting the iPhone Dead Pixel Tester. This site will help you check for any dead pixels or color issues.

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