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MacBook Pro Vs MacBook Vs MacBook Air: Which Should You Buy?

There are laptops and there are MacBooks. To the casual onlookers these are just laptops from Apple which carry the Mac operating system. But only a MacBook user would know how these stunning creations are truly different from the other laptops out there. True, these are pricier than most other higher end laptops but the security, convenience, sleek interface and the ease of managing the Apple ecosystem with a MacBook, all make up for the price paid.

So you have finally made the big decision to buy a MacBook, then comes the real confusion- with so many MacBooks out there, with all of them looking quite similar on the outside finding the most suitable one might be a tough call. To begin with finalize your budget and then the way you plan to use the MacBook. Are you a casual user or a student or someone who plans to use your MacBook for your official tasks? Because each MacBook is designed to suit a different type of user.



Colors – Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Space Grey

1.2GHz dual core and 1.3GHz dual core

Key features

With a 12-inch Retina display the MacBook has an 8GB onboard memory this is one of the most dependable Mac laptops. A fuss-free design, some of the most essential features, all packed in a slim form factor with a compact 12-inch display this can be a go-to option for the casual users who are still confused about picking the right laptop. The 7th generation processor results in the super-fast computational abilities and the reliability.

The one downside in this MacBook that most users hate is the presence of a single USB-C port. This would be a problem if you plan to use any of the peripherals while charging your MacBook.


MacBook Air


128GB storage and 256GB storage

Key Features

MacBook Air set a new trend in the laptop segment by being one of the slimmest variants. MacBook Air comes with a 13.3inch display and has a powerfully fast 1.8GHz dual core processor. Till date, MacBook Air is one of the best in terms of the battery life. With a MagSafe 2 power port, and a Thunderbolt 2 port besides the 2 USB 3 ports this one has an ample number of connectivity options and thus scores high in terms of the user convenience.

The display resolution is a turn off for the Apple users as the other MacBooks score high in this area. Also this is the only top variant that comes without a Retina display. MacBook Air is also known to be better in terms of the processor speed in comparison with MacBook.


MacBook Pro


13inch-2.3GHz dual core i5 processor– without Touch Bar

13-inch- 3.1GHz dual core i5 processor– with Touch Bar

15inch- 2.8GHz quad core i7 processor – with Touch Bar

Key Features

If you are looking for a MacBook as a professional user, if you would be using some high end software and if you need the best graphics performance look no further. The MacBook Pro is by far one of the most sophisticated laptops in terms of the performance. For those who would be working with multiple displays MacBook Pro is the perfect choice. The camera on the MacBook Pro is also pretty sharp. The MacBook Pro variants are expensive but these are the most powerful too.

So which one should you buy?

Do you want a large display?

MacBook Pro offers the largest display (15-inch)

Do you want better battery life?

MacBook Air is the best among the lot in terms of the battery life. The MacBook Pro also comes with a battery capacity close to that of the MacBook Air. But you would end up charging the MacBook Pro variants more frequently than the MacBook Air.

How many ports do you want on your MacBook?

Talk about the easy connectivity options the MacBook would be your last choice. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are better in this aspect.

Are you a professional user?

For the professional users who would be running multiple applications simultaneously and the users who would be RAM intense apps the MacBook Pro is definitely the best choice. The processor results in causing nearly zero lag even with heavy use.

How much are you willing to pay?

If you are not willing to spend too much then the MacBook Air offers some of the most affordable variants. It has grown to be popular among the students and the casual users as well as the first time MacBook buyers.

So which MacBook would you be buying next?

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