iPhone X Vs Samsung Galaxy S8. Which one’s for you?

Edge-to-edge displays to cover the whole screen and to offer better viewing experience are the current rage. And in this situation comes the launch of the two iconic phones that are being talked about by gadget lovers all around the world- the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S8 coming from the arch rivals in the smartphone market. These two are neck-on-neck in terms of the performance and the features but the latter comes with a price tag that is nearly just half of the price of the iPhone X and is also easier to buy as it is now available in most stores and online e-commerce sites.

Well, given the difference in the operating system there is a lot of difference between the two phones but here is a comparison to help you choose between the two.


Both the phones come with a huge 5.8 inch display. There is a visible notch on the top in the iPhone X for the front camera and other sensors, whereas there is a narrow bar accommodating these on the S8. One other noticeable difference is the slightly curved edges on the S8. The Galaxy S8 comes with a Super AMOLED display while it is an OLED on the iPhone X. The S8 also comes with a slightly higher pixel density but the difference is only subtly visible. Both the phones lack physical home button. But there is a touchscreen version of the home button on the S8 and in the iPhone X home screen navigation is achieved through a simple gesture. In terms of the display the scores for both the phones are nearly even while the display on the S8 might appear a tad bit sharper. And this might also be a better phone for those who do not like the distracting notch on the iPhone X.

Winner: Draw

The Build

Both come with glass body and a metal frame in the middle. The S8, weighing 155g is slightly lighter than the iPhone X which weighs 174g. But the iPhone X is 0.3mm thinner than S8. The one thing that S8 has which iPhone X lacks is the fingerprint sensor. This has been dropped and the Face ID has been included in the iPhone X. To compete with the Face ID, there is the iris scan and the face recognition option on the S8. On the Galaxy S8, the positioning of the fingerprint sensor is something that has been a bit of a turn off for some users. In terms of the overall build quality, given the glass panels, both the phones require protective phone cases but the S8 comes with a slightly tougher build than the iPhone X.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S8


The primary cameras on both the phones come with similar resolution but the striking difference here is that the iPhone X packs a dual rear camera while it is a single sensor on the Galaxy S8. Both the phones can record crystal clear 4K videos. In iPhone X there is the advanced video compression technology allows you to obtain stunning video quality while keeping the file size less. And one other feature worth mentioning is the 3D face capture possible in the iPhone X which supports the new Face ID feature making selfies even better.

Winner: iPhone X

Overall performance

Comparing the performance of iOS and Android would not be a fair race. But in their own ways each of these phones impress with their performance which shows not the slightest lag even when you are running heavy games. If Apple’s A11 Bionic processor is considered to be a trendsetter, with its 6 cores, Samsung Galaxy S8’s processor is no less. The S8 comes either with the Samsung Exynos 8995 octa-core or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. And both are the best in the segment and unrivaled in their performance.

Winner: Draw


This is a segment where the Samsung Galaxy S8 makes a clean sweep. Priced nearly twice as high as the Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone X is one of the most expensive smartphones in the market at present. So if you are on a tight budget the S8 is a clear choice.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S8

Why choose Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Pricing
  • Battery life
  • Expandable memory
  • A clear winner for the Android lovers.

Why choose iPhone X

  • The first iPhone without the home button
  • Animojis
  • TrueDepth Camera with Portrait Selfie and Selfie lighting modes
  • Super Retina Display
  • A clear winner for those who are looking for a future ready iPhone.

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