iPhone SE – Everything you Need to Know

Apple dropped a huge (and expected) bomb days ago when it announced its new and ‘cheap’ addition to the iPhone family dubbed the iPhone SE. The new addition brings a new dimension to the Apple brand which seeks to cater to a different niche of audiences, as Apple hope to do. The iPhone SE does pack a few nifty surprises here and there that keeps it fresh and different from the rest.

But the key question here, is whether the iPhone SE is for you or whether the upgrade to the device is worth the transition. Here’s everything you need to know about the iPhone SE:

  1. It’s Smaller in comparison to the iPhone 6s

We’ve all heard the rumors for months now that Apple was indeed working on a smaller sized iPhone to cater to a niche audience. It was aimed at those who wanted a small package with a powerful punch to it. If you were the kind that kept your iPhone 5s around for so long, this might be worth the upgrade.


The iPhone SE sports a similar display size at 4 inches which is quite a tad smaller in comparison to the 6s and 6s Plus.


  1. It looks Exactly like the iPhone 5s

We’ve already established how this iPhone stands in front of its other brothers in the family. The iPhone SE looks exactly like the iPhone 5s sporting a more boxed-out look with the matte finish we’ve come to expect and love from the iPhone 5s. The position of the buttons is the same as the 5s.


This device was created with a niche audience in mind so this will sit well with one-handed device users. What’s better, is that if you’ve previous used either the iPhone 5 or 5s and still have the cases for them, you could probably use them with the iPhone SE.


  1. It’s a Powerful iPhone

Many rumors initially claimed that the device would be an iPhone 6 packed in the casing of an iPhone 5s. They were just partially true. Underneath the flashy casing is an A9 processor with an M9 motion coprocessor. Apple claimed that the iPhone SE performed at double the GPU rate of the iPhone 5s even matching up to the GPU performance of the 6s.


This was great news to those who really wanted a more affordable, smaller mobile device that was powerful on the inside.


  1. No 3D Touch

A warm surprise with the iPhone 6s was the introduction of 3D touch which allowed for additional features to be accessed based on the pressure in which you hold your iPhone. But with a cheaper iPhone, it’s understandable that Apple decided to ditch this feature.


  1. An Equally Powerful Camera

Don’t let the outside of the iPhone SE fool you. It may look like the 5s, but it doesn’t speak for the camera. In fact, it sports the same camera as the iPhone 6s which was very impressive to say the least.


It sports a 12-Megapixel rear camera that records at 4K and also capture live photos. It also sports a HD front facing camera along with a true tone flash.


  1. It Comes Pre-Installed with iOS 9.3

During the event, Apple announced that the full version of iOS 9.3 would be released the same day. The update is not your typical minor upgrade of a previous iteration but a well thought out full-fledged update that brings about some major changes.



The iPhone SE ships fully pre-installed with the latest update from Apple. It does also support other features like NFC as well as the critically acclaimed Apple Pay.


  1. A Better Battery

If there’s a persisting debate on the iPhone devices, it’s talk of battery issues. “How long does your battery last?” is a commonly discussed topic among many iPhone users and will no doubt be the same once users get their hands on the iPhone SE.


Apple claimed during its event that the battery on the iPhone SE would easily outlast the one on the 5s. The phone can last a day easily even for the most engaging of users.


  1. It’s Cheaper than its Bigger Brothers

See what we did there? This is the burning question on most people’s minds looking to make the upgrade. Yes, the iPhone SE is cheaper in comparison to the 6s and 6s Plus but that doesn’t make it cheap. The right word to use here is affordable in comparison.


If you went in expecting the iPhone SE to be Apple’s answer to the very affordable Nexus 5X, then look away now. Make no mistake, Apple has created an equally high-end device here and it does come with a premium price tag. What’s more is that they’ve maintained the 16GB and 64GB variants. Many expected Apple to hit the sweet spot with that 32GB iteration but it didn’t happen. The 16GB variant is priced at Rs. 39,000 which is by all means no small amount.


So should you buy the iPhone SE? It really come down to these factors and whether you’re willing to splash out the money for it. It will really depend on whether you need all that punch in a small phone. The iPhone SE is a great phone and has everything going for it. It was created with a certain audience in mind. So the question here is, are you one of them?

We all know that Apple will be releasing its next Flagship device in the coming months. Take a look at what our thoughts are on what we expect from the next big iPhone

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