iPhone Battery Replacement: DIY or Hire a Professional?

Maintenance and servicing an iPhone is always different from that of any other smartphone. This is mainly because of the difference in the “build” of the iPhone. While most smartphones come with removable batteries, iPhones have always set a trend in the non-removable batteries department. This makes them a little more complicated to be replaced.

While some hate the concept of non-removable batteries, there are many benefits to having non-removable batteries on smartphones:

  • In general, batteries that are fixed are found to perform a bit better than removable batteries.
  • Removable batteries mean that the terminals might be exposed to dust and dirt when they are removed.

Though iPhones’ batteries have been known for their longevity, they tend to wear out after a year or two. This sometimes happens quicker, based on your usage. When you find that your iPhone’s battery drains out very quickly, chances are the battery is failing. When you have to replace the iPhone battery you have 3 choices- get a replacement battery and do it yourself or approach the manufacturer or other Apple certified service centers or get it done at a local store for a much cheaper cost. The safest options here are to approach a reliable professional or to send it to Apple.

Why do it yourself?

This would be a bad choice if your phone is still within the warranty period. Dismantling the case yourself to replace the battery would void its warranty. Here’s what you would be doing:

  • Remove the screws on the case and open up the case.
  • Move aside the cables and take out the battery.
  • Replace it with the new one and put the cables back in place.
  • Place the case back.

If you have a detailed video tutorial explaining the step by step procedure for your iPhone model, then it might make things easier to understand. But if it is your first time dismantling an iPhone you might find this process a tedious one. Each step has to be carried out meticulously with the utmost patience. The screws found on the iPhone case are pretty tiny. So you should have all the right tools to carry out the battery replacement. One small mistake can lead to further requirement of repairs. Ensure that you buy the replacement battery from a reliable supplier and test the battery before placing it in the case. People often choose the DIY iPhone battery replacement option mainly because it is definitely the least expensive option. But remember that it involves the most risk as well.

Equally risky is approaching a local vendor who does it cheap but has little to no track record. For the best results approach, a professional iPhone service company to get the work done easily and to ensure the safety of your iPhone.

Why approach a professional?

Professional iPhone service companies have a lot of experience in handling every model of iPhone and other Apple devices. The team of professionals involved in repairs and replacement of damaged parts would be trained technicians who understand the iPhone components well. This is why they would be able to accurately perform the activity.

Professionals would be well equipped with all the right tools required to smoothly finish the replacement. Getting all the tools required simply for a one-time requirement might turn out to be expensive when you do the replacement yourself.

When you hire a professional you do not have the hassle of hunting for a genuine reliable battery. Getting the right battery for the particular iPhone model is another task. With a professional, you can be sure that you only get a reliable battery as well. So, your phone would be as good as new when you get it back. Even if your mobile’s warranty has lapsed, most professionals offer service warranty. So you can be sure that no damage is done to your iPhone during the battery replacement process.

Professionals would be able to perform the battery replacement sans the risk involved in the DIY option. With a professional service company such as iService, you can be assured of a quality of service that is on par with that received when you send it to Apple but you can get it at done at a lower cost and you get your phone back quicker too.

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