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iPhone 2018 – What Do The Rumours Say?

iPhone 2018 Rumours

Apple has been having a tough time living up to the expectations of the audience. There was a time when everything that Apple released was a success. But the current generation is a tough one to convince. So not just Apple, in fact, every smartphone brand out there is finding every possible way to make each phone better than its predecessor.

There are many smaller brands that are catching up by offering an ample number of features at an attractive price tag. Given that people easily get bored with their smartphones a smaller price tag is often a benefit. But iPhones have been marching steadily in the market filled with affordably priced feature-rich smartphones as Apple always has. It is just a few days since Apple surprised us with its announcements restricted to the software section in its keynote event at the WWDC 2018.

There have been rumours flying around about the possible iPhones that Apple might bring this year. With the major players in the smartphone segment already having made their move, Apple is yet to make any official announcements. Last fall Apple surprised us with the first ever all-screen, button-free iPhone. This fall, would Apple bring us any such surprises?

A possibly cheaper iPhone X successor?

This is one of the strongest rumours given by various sources. iPhone X is one of the most criticised designs. While we still have a love-hate relationship with this iPhone we have also heard several rumours that Apple is planning to discontinue this one. But that would not have to worry you because Apple might possibly release a successor that looks very much similar but comes with, (breathe a sigh of relief), a relatively lower price tag and the name is speculated to be iPhone X Plus. So you get the cool (read notoriously cool) design at a lighter and more impressive price. We have our fingers crossed hoping that this rumour turns out to be true after all!

Bye-bye lightning port!

By 2019 Apple would most likely give up the lightning ports altogether. The iPhones as well as iPads that are to be released towards the end of 2018 or in the year 2019 and thereon are most likely to come with the USB-C port.

Talks about the third eye

Dual lens cameras on smartphones have become so common. There have been talks about Apple possibly introducing a third lens on its upcoming ‘iPhone X Plus’. There have been a handful of smartphones that have so far been released with 3 lenses for the rear camera. Whether Apple plans to take that route, is something that we would have to wait and watch.

Is Apple trying to make us a little more loyal to our iPhones?

So far the trend has always been Apple talking about its upcoming iPhones in the annual WWDC events. But this year was very much different. Besides the above rumours there were in fact quite a lot of hearsays, concepts, the supposedly leaked-versions of the designs and more before the WWDC 2018. But with half of 2018 having gone by and with WWDC leaving not the slightest clue about any hardware releases coming up there is one portion of the Apple fanatics who doubt that Apple might perhaps postpone the new iPhones to next year or perhaps stick with just one new iPhone this year. Some even have come to a conclusion that Apple has probably decided to slow down a bit to allow users to actually get a feel and explore all the cool features of their iPhones before jumping to buy the next one. If that is true, it is indeed a good decision given the smartphone frenzy market out there. After all the more we use a smartphone the more we understand it. And the more the users understand their smartphones the better would it be for the brand to work on making their smartphones even better and coming up with better upgrades as and how required.

So is Apple really going to bring us an iPhone in 2018 or is it now fully focusing on perfecting the software section? With Apple, it is always hush-hush till the brand comes forward to take its audience by surprise. So we would have to wait to get our answers. In the meantime, the brand has indeed given a lot of software updates to explore for all of its devices and that is something that we are really happy about.

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