What the New iPhone 8, 8 Plus & X Will Cost in India

If you were like us and stayed up late at night watching the Apple Keynote held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple’s Campus, you were quite possibly pleasantly surprised to see that the company had announced 3 New phones to be released over the coming weeks.

We spent months speculating about the new iPhone and what it would feature. Suffice to say that Apple went ahead and exceeded everyone’s expectations by announcing the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X (Pronounced Ten) to much acclaim and hype.

So if you’re busy wondering, “which one is for me?”, “how much does it cost?”, we’ve got you pretty much covered with the info you need if you’re planning on buying them in India.


Let’s begin with the most affordable of the 3, the iPhone 8 (Sept 29th):

The model comes in two iterations,

  • iPhone 8 64GB – Rs. 64,000 MRP
  • iPhone 8 256GB – Rs. 77,000 MRP

Note: Only two versions exist in terms of storage.

Next Up, the iPhone 8 Plus (Sept 29th):

Much like its little brother, the plus model also comes in two iterations,

  • iPhone 8 Plus 64GB – Rs. 73,0000 MRP
  • iPhone 8 Plus 265GB – Rs. 86,000 MRP


Now to what was the surprise of the show, iPhone X (Nov 3rd):

  • iPhone X 64GB – Rs. 89,000 MRP
  • iPhone X 256GB – Rs. 1,02,000 MRP


We never thought we’d see it, but we’ve finally reached that point where smartphones have crossed the 1 Lakh mark, further pushing the boundaries of what it means to own a truly premium smartphone.

Note that these prices have been taken from Apple’s very own Indian Website.

Are you as excited as we are for the new generation of Apple smartphones? Are you planning on picking up an iPhone X or would you rather stick with the iPhone 8 instead? Let us know your thoughts.

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