How to Get the Best Resale Value for your MacBook

With the new line of MacBooks set to take the market, and the fact that they don’t come cheap, it’s no surprise that many existing users will look to selling their older models in favor of staying up-to-date with the new ones. A major chunk of that can be made up by selling the old models.

If you’re looking for a way to sell them quickly but at a much lower cost, the Official Apple stores are the way to go about it. But if you’re looking to make a little more cash, then selling it privately is the best way to go. Here are a few things to keep in mind to get the best resale value for your MacBook:

  1. Box & Packaging

This one’s quite a no-brainer. Many second hand buyers look for the original packaging as part of the overall purchase and can sometimes be a deal breaker. If you can advertise your MacBook as ‘boxed,’ it immediately adds more value to the price regardless of the condition.



This may seem quite puzzling to begin with, but it could be in the fact that the packaging does add to the overall buying experience even though buying second hand does have more financial value.


  1. High Quality Photos

When selling an item, be sure to post it with high quality photos of the product and lots of them too. This may seem like an added piece of work but it does go a long way. Buyers can be incredibly picky and want to know exactly what they purchase. This can certainly go a long way in increasing their confidence too.




Try to include shots of the model number, close-ups and even shots of the packaging (Believe it or not, it goes a long way too). This allows opportunities for better presentation to further enhance chances of it being bought.


  1. Overall Condition

Always remember that the closer your Macbook looks as compared to a brand new one, the better the chances of someone buying it. So make sure to give your Macbook a thorough cleaning especially on the outside. This will help you remove any marks that you’ve probably never seen before.



Be sure to use a soft damp cloth. Make sure there aren’t any objects on the cloth that could potentially damage the look.


  1. Give in a full description of the product

If you’re reselling, chances are you’d choose platforms such as eBay or OLX. They provide you the opportunity to describe your product howsoever you choose. Don’t mess this chance! In the case of eBay, you even have the chance to enter the specs yourself. Be honest with them while filling it in.

Also, try to be personal with your description. It tends to make your listing more relatable. Highlight any key features and compare them to base models (If you’ve upgraded). Be enthusiastic about the device too. Give buyers a vibe that they’re dealing with someone friendly and loves the product just as much as they do.


  1. Be Honest

This can never be understated enough. Be as brutally honest as you can about the Macbook you’re selling. If there are any issues with your Macbook, whether cosmetic or internal, point it out immediately.

This adds to the trust factor as a majority of buyers are always skeptical about second hand products. Any issues pointed out in the beginning can warrant a purchase albeit at a lower rate. But the trust factor will remain. Also, be sure to state a reason for selling. This will reduce any ideas of suspicion amongst buyers since they’re spending a considerable amount.


  1. Set the Bar High

No matter what platform you’re selling on, be sure to set the price higher than your expected price. Never settle for less. A Macbook has great resell value so why not go a little bigger. There’s no harm with biting off more than you can chew here. The worst case scenario is that you may get a slightly lesser price than you bargained for.



But the chances are, someone out there is looking for the exact same Macbook you’re selling. So it’s highly possible that you may hit a sweet deal too.


These are but a few things you could keep in mind when looking to sell your Macbook. Do keep in mind that it really comes down to how flexible you can be with these steps.

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