Five Ways to Keep Your iPhone New

To every iPhone user, it is one of the most important part of their lives. iPhone makes your life easy by helping them to do business, keep in touch with friends and family and most importantly take stunning photos. With iPhone bearing such importance in all our lives, it because essential that the performance of iPhone doesn’t not reduce. Regular attention to tiny details of you iPhone can help you keep it as good as new. We have 6 important tips to keep the performance of the iPhone new despite high usage.

  1. Use a screen guard

Screen damage is one the most common problem every iPhone user faces. Screen damage impacts the value of phone. Some of the screen protectors are of several different kinds. The expensive screen protectors are made of tempered glass and it does add a bit of thickness. There are also rugged screen protectors from companies like Zagg. It is a company that specializes in military-grade screen protection.



  1. Use a phone case

Most of us are used to accidental drops, hence using a phone case will result in damage that will be absorbed by the phone case.   Most often, while choosing a phone cover, people go for something that looks good. Other factors that affect the decisions of purchasing phone cover based on the extent of usage.



  1. Switch off location settings

Generally, all iPhones are connected to GPS and apps access the location settings. This usually drains a lot of battery, making the iPhone battery life considerably weaker. By turning off the location settings it will save battery power and keep your iPhone new.



  1. Full system reset

Apple smartphones run a full-fledged OS and requires constant updates. iPhones also require some routine maintenance and the easiest way of doing this is by regularly executing reboot. While this an effective way to ensure that your phone’s performance is high, the frequency with which you should reboot varies depending on the troubles users experience.



  1. Turn off push notifications and fetch data less frequently

The aim of push notifications is to make it easy for you to be able to be notified by your favorite apps. However, this would require internet connection and there could not be a bigger battery drainer. Turning off push notifications and fetching data less frequently definitely increases the performance rate of your iPhone, thus helping to keep your iPhone’s battery life as good as a new iPhone.



While these are some of the most common tips to keep your iPhone as good as new, you could also try other tricks such as using airplane mode, turning down the screen brightness, staying updated with the latest firmware etc.  In addition to keeping your iPhone’s software and hardware intact, it is essential to keep the body of the phone protected as well.

Most importantly, keep cleaning your iPhone constantly by taking your on time and doing it right becomes every essential. Depending on how much you use your iPhone, this cleaning process can be done daily or weekly to keep your iPhone looking its best and performing well. Ensuring proper care and right amount of maintenance along with the essential accessories will greatly enhance the life and value of your iPhone and help you maintain it as good as a new iPhone

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