Dealing With A Wet iPhone

With the Festival of Holi having come to pass, we’re all aware that the most fun comes from the colors sprayed around. This is incredible fun but there are few things you should have kept in mind while playing Holi. Apart from the obvious of avoiding any color going into your eyes, you also need to be very careful about your phone getting wet.

Gone are the days when you could open up your phone, remove all the components and stuff them in a bowl of rice to dry it. In today’s generation of smartphones, it’s difficult to do that as there are very few phones that can opened up and if you are an iPhone user you definitely can’t open it up and remove the battery by yourself without damaging it further.

You can’t do much on you own other than to take it to a service center and get the iPhone repaired. So this year while playing Holi, the obvious thing would be to keep your iPhone at home in order to avoid any water damage, but if you find yourself in that position where you need and have to carry your iPhone then here are few tips you can use to avoid water damage:

  1. Wrap your phone in a plastic bag or a zip-lock bag and only then step out so that if even if you do get wet there’s no water damage to your iPhone.
  2. Get yourself a waterproof case for your iPhone. This is hard to find but if you can get your hands on one then, go for it!
  3. Wear a water proof waist pack or hip pack in order to keep your phone inside that to avoid any water damage.

Now let’s assume that like most people, you didn’t pay heed to any of this and inevitably got your iPhone wet, apart from cursing yourself you can try the some of the following steps to deal with your wet iPhone:

  1. Don’t Press anything. If your iPhone’s gotten wet then there’s nothing much you can do about it. Resist all your urges to check if it works.
  2. Wipe your iPhone with a dry cloth or towel without moving it or shaking it too much.
  3. Try and vacuum around the phone all around to suck the excessive moisture for a few minutes and leave it in warm air circulation for a few hours.


You can find out more on how to save your iPhone from water damage here.

After all this if your iPhone is still not powering on, it’s time then to take it to a service center and get the iPhone repaired. It helps if you have AppleCare program as it covers most physical damages. Having warranty can also prove useful at times. If not, be prepared to shell out substantial amount of money to get the iPhone fixed.

You could also try 3rd party service centers such as iService since you could get your iPhone repaired for a margin of the price quoted by the official Apple Centers.

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