What to Consider When Buying Refurbished Apple Products?

Apple is a brand that has always had a strong fan following which it earned from its consistent delivery of superior quality products. Apple has always been seen as a trendsetter that has managed to release products that look and feel great. iPhones, MacBooks and desktops are all do not just score in terms of their appearance but also are known for their reliable performance. But there is one thing that is common with all Apple products- they are expensive. Before you start using an Apple product and get the hang of it there is a newer product released kindling your interest to try it out. This is where the concept of refurbished products come in handy. These are products that are used and returned to Apple due to minor or major flaws in them. They are then reworked and sold as refurbished products which are less expensive.

There is a common misconception that refurbished products are all bad. But the choice of the brand and the seller for your refurbished products play an important role. Remember that when a product is returned to the manufacturer it is checked and the faults are rectified to restore the product to a working condition before it is being resold. So leaving out the visible signs of wear and tear or damage, which might also be restored in most cases, the refurbished products are as good as new in terms of the functionality. If you are planning to buy any refurbished product any time soon here are certain things to keep in mind:

Choose Apple Certified Refurbished products to avoid the doubts about quality issues

There are some cases where users are cheated with old and used products being sold as refurbished products by some sellers. This is the reason behind the stigma surrounding the purchase of refurbished products. But if you choose to buy Apple refurbished products you get the chance to buy them from the manufacturer directly. In this case you would get the assurance that the products are tested thoroughly by Apple before they are being sold. These certified products also come with a limited warranty from the manufacturer. You would be able to find all Apple products ranging from iPhones to Mac, iPad, Apple Watch and every Apple product in this category. AppleCare option can also be availed for these products to extend the warranty.

Consider all your options

The problem with buying refurbished Apple products directly from the manufacturer is that it is not easy to find a ready stock of the product that you are looking for. And some products might not be available in some regions. There are however other ecommerce sellers that make them available. Consider all the options you have and then choose a seller. Does the seller stock your desired Apple product? Look at the price quoted. Refurbished products are less expensive than new products. But these are more expensive than used products. A common trend is around 10-20% price cut for the refurbished products. Compare the price quoted by the sellers and also take into account the shipping and handling charges which would again be a part of the expenditure. Comparing your choices would help you save a little while shopping for refurbished products.

Have you checked the specifications?

Irrespective of the Apple product you choose make sure that you understand what the variant offers before finalizing on it. Know the specifications and ensure that you do not buy an outdated variant with an obsolete chip. There is the option to know more about the product with the help of the part number. As Apple products might visually look similar it is essential to give attention to the details before purchasing refurbished ones. When you check the model number of the chosen product with that of the new product from the manufacturer then you would be able to have the assurance that you have chosen the right product.

So if you are still of the perception that buying a refurbished product is a big risk, think again! With the standard warranty covering refurbished Apple products, much like that with the new products, manufacturing defects are taken care of. So you surely can make a great deal if you find the right source to buy your Apple refurbished products.

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