Why choose A MacBook over A Windows Laptop?

Every day there’s a new Windows laptop released in the market. Still, Apple’s MacBook remains a recognized cynosure among technology enthusiasts. The MacBook and Windows laptops each have their fair share of assets and limitations. But if you are looking to get a desktop PC or a laptop for a long-term use, many are likely to suggest going for a MacBook instead of a Windows laptop. MacBook still remains a slightly better choice for business applications, in spite of the fact that we have Windows laptops with cutting-edge technology inclusions like touchscreen, ample number of ports and interfaces and more. Why? What gives the MacBook an edge over the Windows laptops? Let’s find out:

The first impression:

Hardware has been one of Apple’s strong attributes. Be it the lines of smartphones, or its laptops or any other gadget for that matter, they are all about a sturdy build and quintessential design. MacBook Air, in fact, came as a trendsetter that marked the beginning of the thinner laptops segment. Even when the first Mac computers were released, they came as a welcome change to the box computers of that time. Though there are some stunning designs in Windows laptops as well, Apple gets a brownie point for being the pioneer in delivering technology under a modish hood.

A protean gadget you will love:

Windows laptops have a myriad of software to collect. But the MacBook has an edge over Windows laptops given the fact that you can also run Windows on one. Thus it turns out to be a versatile gadget that gives you the best of both the worlds. And your MacBook would come preloaded with all the useful apps that you might require. There is a multitude of other software you get from the store. This includes some basic utility apps including a preloaded email client, iLife for media files and more. With Windows laptops, however, you would have to purchase all your utility software before you use them.

A responsive touchpad:

If you are looking for a touchscreen display on your laptop, then the MacBook would disappoint you. But the smooth and responsive trackpad on it would more than make up for it. In the laptop segment, the trackpad of MacBooks is quite possibly, the most responsive, not to forget the simple gestures which make navigation easier. Apple’s patented touchpad design is noted for its glass over metal design as well as the functionality. This is what makes it better than even the latest Windows 10 laptops on the market.

Handoff better accommodates the “Apple” family gadgets well:

When you have to sync your iPhones, iPads and iPods, there’s nothing better than a MacBook to pair them with. The Handoff feature on Apple devices allow you to seamlessly switch between your devices and carry all your work. Start an email on your MacBook, you would get the option to complete it on your iPhone and vice versa. This is nothing the like iCloud data access of your Apple library files that you get on a Windows laptop.

It’s aeonian- well not literally!

One other marked advantage cited about the MacBook is its longevity. You buy the recent MacBook to carry all your work and forget about getting a new laptop anytime soon. Apple’s emphasis on quality and the choice of the hardware components needs no introduction. This is responsible for the superior build quality the MacBook boasts of. The aluminum body has not seen much of a change since the time we first saw MacBook, but the quality has been unmatchable. This totally justifies the higher price you have to pay for a MacBook as against a Windows laptop in the same segment. Hence, the price paid over the amount of use over the years makes it worth every penny.

The other good stuff to mention:

The overall user interface on the MacBook is very much user-friendly. Right from installing, updating and uninstalling a software, to backing up data, to streaming and sharing media files, several things are easier to do compared to a Windows laptop.

Another great aspect that is worth mentioning is, the security a MacBook delivers. These are less vulnerable to threats and malware in comparison with the Windows laptops. This is one of the main reasons why several businesses are now switching to OS X from Windows.

Bundled with the other benefits, Apple is also popular for the competitive customer support it offers giving us one more reason to justify that a MacBook might be a better choice than a windows laptop.

With years of experience and a large number of happy MacBook users who have availed our service, we are here to resolve all your MacBook issues.

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