Best Ways to clean your iPhone Screen

It’s not an uncommon thing these days but most of the time, pretty much every new and old iPhone owner are constantly on the lookout always wondering and asking about the best way or ways of cleaning their iPhone screen. The reason being that the iPhone Screen is quite delicate in nature and is prone to any foreign object. With that in mind, can you really fault anyone?

The truth is, once you know the right way to make your device shining again, it’s quite simple to apply these methods again and again to clean your iPhone. Here, we will be talking about some of the recommended methods that can not only clean your iPhone screen, but also make it last along with some of the recommended products that can be deemed safe to use on your iPhone screen.




Method 1

To begin with, one of the best ways towards cleaning an iPhone is as emphasized on the Apple website. This means that before cleaning any Apple product or part, you must first of all:
– Disconnect the said product from any external source of power. In this case, disconnect your iPhone’s charger from any source.
– Make sure that all external devices and other cabling to all external products such as speakers and so on, are disconnected.
– Once you have disconnected your device completely from kind of external power supply and other products, the next step is to turn it off completely. Then and only then, you can begin to clean the screen of your iPhone.
Now, towards the actual cleaning bit. Cleaning your iPhone can be as easy and simple so long as you’re aware of exactly what is required to do it and more importantly, what you are doing. To clean your iPhone, you need a soft, lint-free cloth, and a little bowl of water. Soak the cloth so as to get it slightly damp. Make sure that it is not dripping, before applying it on your iPhone screen, and rub it gently. This will remove any foreign objects, stains and even do away with any oily smudges on the iPhone screen. If you’re looking to just remove fingerprints from the screen, simply wipe the screen surface with a soft, lint-free cloth.


Method 2

Alternatively, if you feel like your screen is just too dirty to be cleaned with just water, or if you have actually used the first method and haven’t got the result you wanted (This is especially in cases where you device might have come in contact with some kind of a stain like say ink or even dyes) and would like to have a more cleaner screen, you can use a soft, lint-free cloth, accompanied with an iPhone screen cleaning product like IBRA.


If you want your iPhone screen to last, and remain as good as new for the better part of its life cycle, then you might want to consider these methods. It can never be understated how important it is to keep your iPhone clean. These devices don’t come cheap and it’s best to keep it in the best running shape possible.

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