Apple Watch: Everything you need to know

Apple’s “one more thing” announcement (made famous by Steve Jobs) during the keynote on September 9, 2014 was the company’s first ever smartwatch, the Apple Watch.

Described by Apple as its most personal device ever, we have picked out important things you need to know about the new wearable device.

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1. You need an iPhone to use it

Apple Watch will only work with the iPhone .
Compatibility: iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

2. Introducing the Digital Crown

Apple Watch introduces a specially designed and engineered Digital Crown that lets you navigate the device fluidly and precisely. You can magnify content, scroll through lists and messages, and make selections – all without obstructing the screen.

Digital Crown

It has been described by Apple as its most revolutionary navigation tool since the iPod Click Wheel and iPhone Multi-Touch.

3. New ways to communicate

Digital Touch: This feature allows you to draw quick images and send them to friends. For example, you can send a flower or any other finger drawn sketch to a friend.


The Watch’s Taptic Engine, alerts you of notifications with a simple “tap”. You know you have incoming communication when you feel it on your wrist.

It can receive calls and texts. The Watch also has walkie-talkie capabilities, wi-fi and includes its own system of animated emojis.

4. It can keep you healthy

As anticipated, fitness has been given great importance in the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch comes with two apps that give a complete picture of your health and fitness. The Activity app monitors movement throughout the day. The Workout app tracks dedicated workouts.


Using a custom heart rate sensor located on the back of the watch, you can measure your heart rate at any time.

It also has an accelerometer to measure body movement – counts your steps, calculates calories burnt and overall body activity.

5. App Usage

The smart device comes with a developer tool called the WatchKit, which gives developers all the tools they need to extend their apps to Apple Watch. WatchKit lets developers make apps that appear right on the Home screen of Apple Watch.

6. You can talk to it

No surprise here as the Apple Watch comes with Siri. Pushing the Digital Crown will activate her and you will be able to ask questions or get directions and so on.

7. How it charges

The watch’s inductive charging system is one of the features Apple touted during the keynote. Users will be able to charge an Apple Watch by connecting a cord magnetically to the back of the watch body. However, they still haven’t revealed anything about the battery life and efficiency.


8. It has multiple avatars

Apple Watch comes in three distinct collections — Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition—available in two different sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm.

Apple also created an entire range of watch straps which allows the watch to vary in its look, from sporty to classy. In addition, there is a variety of watch faces for you to choose from.

Watch Faces

Apple Watch will be coming out in early 2015.

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