8 Cool Apple Watch hacks

Every machine ever created by human beings was to simplify human lives. The functioning of human lives in a very simple manner without any complications is well, the purpose of a machine. Smart phones like the Apple iPhone, Voice Technology like Siri, digital calculation of your fitness through the Apple Watch are all in existence for this sole reason.


Every form of machinery functions in a manner they were programmed to. They don’t have a mind of their own. This programming is what allows the machine to function and for us to use it in the right way. There are however, sometimes that it never truly is the case, especially with newer technology like the Apple Watch. Nevertheless, here are 8 cool Apple Watch hacks which will make your experience a better one.

  1. Email replying from your wrist

Replying to emails seemed like a distant dream in the past. But now that’s changed. You can now reply to an email through your Apple Watch. With the new Watch OS, you can have prerecorded replies or you can dictate your reply into the microphone and voila.


  1. Cover to mute

Our devices have a knack of ringing at the wrong time especially if you’ve set a reminder or the alarm on. In those cases, just cover it up. For example, you are in a meeting, and your watch rings, just cover your watch with your hand for about a three seconds, and the ringing just stops.


  1. Locate your iPhone

You can do this with your Apple Watch now. When you don’t know where you’ve kept your iPhone in your own house, you can use the option of ‘Ping iPhone’ to well, ping your iPhone. Just scroll up to your phone and go to the settings and turn it on. You can call the iPhone and find it.


  1. Transfer a call to your iPhone

You get a call on your Apple Watch, but you don’t want to take it that way, it’s pretty simple with regards to what you can do. Accept the call and swipe it up. The call automatically gets transferred to your iPhone and from there you can continue with the call.


  1. Set your own witty replies

Being unable to type your own message and relying on pre decided replies on the Apple Watch is sometimes a pain when you have a witty reply in your mind. Don’t worry about that. Now you can do this too by going to the messages app on your Apple Watch and put your own replies in the Default Replies section.


  1. Take a screenshot

Hold the Digital Crown and secondary button together and you will be able to take a screenshot on your Apple Watch.


  1. Quick lock your watch

The easiest way to lock your Apple watch now is by enabling the Wrist Detection on it. Just take the watch off your wrist and the device automatically locks up.


  1. Text size

Understandably, the text size might be very small. Not everyone will be able to access or read messages clearly. Hence, go to the Brightness and Text Size settings on your Apple Watch and adjust the text size according to your comfort.


Your Apple Watch is to be customized to your comfort. So change it according to your preference so as to have a good experience with it and ensure your money’s worth. It doesn’t take much getting used to it and the experience could well be worth it.

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