7 Best iPhone 7 Accessories

When it comes to iPhones we have the most diverse multitude of accessories in the market. These all aim at taking your iPhone experience to an all new level. If you own an iPhone 7 you can be assured that you own one of the most powerful smartphones out there. Here we have a lineup of the most popular iPhone 7 accessories that you definitely should include on your shopping list:

  1. A case for your iPhone:

Well, this is obvious, but this one has to be the number one on your list of must own accessories. If you tend to drop your phone more often a bumper case or a shockproof case would be your best bet. You would be able to find a whole lot of bumper cases for iPhone 7 on all the popular e-commerce portals. These would protect your iPhone during the falls so that your expensive investment doesn’t bring you more expense soon in the form of repairs.


  1. Camera lens protector:

If you are not very fond of a case for your device then this is one of the iPhone 7 accessories you might find useful. This would protect your camera lens from those accidental scratches that might happen when you place your iPhone down. These are available as easy to install rings.

  1. Music + charge:

The common port for charging and for the earphones might make the iPhone’s design look clean. But this might be a big inconvenience in those occasions where you want to listen to some music but find your phone’s battery almost dead. The 2-in-one adapters that come with 3.5mm port plus the USB port allow you to connect these adapters to the lightning port and connect a charger to one end and your earphones to the other end. There is another type of adapter that comes with dual lightning port output that would allow you to connect the charger and EarPods that come in the box with iPhone 7. Eventually, both these allow you to listen to music while charging your iPhone 7. Most users find this an indispensable of iPhone 7 accessories.

  1. Charging case for iPhone 7:

Charging cases are the new age power banks. They double up as a protective case for your iPhone while also charging your iPhone when you need it. These are particularly handy for the heavy users who are always connected to the data network. After all the 1960mAh battery, would not be sufficient for many users though we cannot deny the fact that the iPhone 7’s battery life is pretty good.

  1. Charging dock:

Why charge the usual way when you can use a charging dock? This is a clutter free way of charging your phone on the desktop. But choose the right dock designed to balance the weight and size of the iPhone 7. Also look for those that come with anti-slip surfaces for added safety during the use.

  1. Lightning port dust plug:

The iPhone 7 has been designed to be splash resistant. But this doesn’t prevent the phone from damage if water enters the ports. One other major issue that several iPhone users must have faced is the malfunctioning of the ports, charging issues and more which occur due to the accumulation of dust in the ports. So the dust plugs for the lightning ports would neatly protect the ports from dust and water damage.


  1. Magnetic car mount:

We do find a lot of clip-on smartphone holders for the car. But the magnetic car mounts are in trend. These are easy to install, mostly they are clipped on to the air vents. They can firmly hold your iPhone in place. Ideally these work with most smartphones. They come with 360-degree swivel capacity so that you can affix your phone in any position.

These are the basic accessories that you might be using every day with your iPhone. There are plenty of other cool accessories as well like the 360 lens which can allow you to record 360 deg videos with your iPhone 7, waterproof cases that allow you to click underwater images and lots more. So which is the next one on your list?

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