5 Ways to fix Charging Issues with your Smartphone

Lifestyle has now changed so much that passing a single day without a smartphone is close to impossible. This is why any issue with the smartphone can make things difficult for the user. Among the major smartphone issues, one of the more common one is the smartphone charging issues. Either the smartphone doesn’t get charged or there might be intermittent charging. The charging troubles could be due to a lot of reasons. Here are some ways to fix them:

  1. Rebooting the phone:

The first and foremost thing to try is to reboot the phone. Sometimes too many apps in the background or apps that are installed from unreliable sources can cause the phone to become unresponsive. A simple reboot can resolve several issues including some charging issues. If your phone comes with a removable battery you could also try removing the battery, dusting it and then reinserting it. If this doesn’t help you could try charging the smartphone when it is switched off.

Rebooting seems to Resolve Almost Everything

  1. Clean the ports:

A majority of the charging issues occur mainly because of dust and lint collected in the ports. Lint that gets collected from the clothes, fine dust that enters the ports can all interrupt the connection and disrupt the flow of charges and thus lead to charging issues. This is, in fact, the problem with all open ports, not just the charging port.

Blowing compressed air can help clear out the dust. Approaching a service center is a safer approach. This issue is more about prevention than about the resolution. Keeping the port clean, regular checking for and removing dust can prevent the problem. You could also use dust plugs which are easily available in the market. In some serious cases when the issue is left unattended, it might even lead to short circuits and cause the circuit to be fried.

  1. Changing the cable or adapter or both:

Charging issue might not always be due to a problem with the phone. It could also be due to a faulty cable or adapter or a power outlet. Try changing the cable, if it doesn’t help, change the adapter and if this too doesn’t help try a different power outlet. Ensure that you only use reliable cables and adapters. Make sure that the power outlet where you plug in the charger is working properly. Changing the power source, plugging the cable into a USB port on a PC or laptop can all help rule out the case of faulty power source causing the charging issue.

  1. Ensuring the installation of the latest updates:

Sometimes, software glitches might lead to charging problems. Ensuring the installation of the latest software updates would avoid these issues. But in some rare cases, the new update might be the actual culprit. In this case, rolling back to the previous version might help. But we cannot deny the fact that this might lead to security issues. This scenario is very common mostly in the case of the older handsets that are being run with the latest updates where the hardware might have troubles getting used to the new versions.

Consider Installing The Latest Updates

  1. Approach a Service center:

If none of the above quick fixes help there might be some other major hardware issue. The first possibility is the damage of pins in the port which might have to be rectified by an authorized service center. The next reason could be a bad battery which might call for a battery replacement. Another possibility is due to water damage that has caused some problem in the internal circuit affecting the charging. No matter what the cause is you can be assured of quicker and more dependable, long term resolution if you seek professional help. This would also help fix software issues if any. A professional smartphone repair company would be able to analyze the problem and recommend a solution on time. This would prevent secondary damage that might occur due to issues not being resolved on time.

In general, taking steps to prevent the entry of dust, lint, and water into your ports and choosing standard manufacturer certified charging cables and adapters would make sure that your smartphone battery health is preserved.

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