5 Apps Every Apple Watch User Should Have

Time is on Apple’s side with all their products getting sold like fresh baked buns. The Apple watch is Apple’s foray into the wearable gear craze. The idea behind the watch is to track one’s fitness, thus making it a good companion to those fitness freaks out there.


Being healthy and being on time goes hand in hand with Apple’s new technology. However, for the watch to function properly, it needs to be connected to the iPhone via a Bluetooth connection. The watch is only compatible with iPhone 5 and the following series of iPhones which run iOS 8.2 or higher.

Nevertheless, here are some of the useful apps that need to be on the watch besides the clock is listed below. These apps will help you use the watch to full capacity.


  1. BBC News:

It’s evident that information comes from all sides. Whether it’s a fall in the stock market, Arvind Kejriwal asking for somebody’s marks, Manchester United winning the FA cup, everything is updated on the watch through the BBC news app. The app lists the four top stories on your watch allowing you to add topics through  your iPhone, and then have your own personal feed of news through the ‘My News’ option. If you want to continue reading the news, you have an option on the watch which will take the news on to your iPhone. Only small snippets of news are available on the watch.



2. Find near me:

This app is like a digital map of the most commonly searched for things like an ATM, hotel, and parlors. If you want to find a hospital, open up the Find Near Me app on your watch and tap on the hospitals category. A comprehensive list of the nearby hospitals will appear on screen. Browse through the information and get directions to the place that you want to go.


3. Citymapper:

Think of this as your personal city guide. With this app on your phone you can explore the city comfortably. Citymapper, as the name suggests is a digital map. The impressive thing here is that it will update you about the nearby public transport facilities. It acts like a GPS which you can use to go to the desired addresses or the saved addresses on your iPhone.


4. Seven:

Seven minutes is the limit that this app sticks to. Not that the app is alive only for seven minutes, but it tells you different workouts that you can do for 7 minutes. With Apple’s aim of keeping its customer fit and healthy, the app does its job well. It gives you descriptions of the workouts that you need to complete in the span of 7 minutes.


5. Cheatsheet:

Don’t worry, it’s not an app used to cheat. With Cheatsheet, you can create notes, reminders, save their passwords and phone numbers among other things should you forget them later. You can assign an icon to every function, like using different colored sticky notes. These things are then saved on your watch through which you can access the saved notes for more information. If you have the habit of forgetting, then this is the perfect app to mark your stuff, and remember them.


These 5 everyday essential apps from the Apple store is what will make the Apple watch user experience a very unique one. Keeping time is important, but being human is more important. The apple watch will let you be away from the iPhone, and live more of yourself. After all, it’s the quality of life that counts.

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